Saturday, December 14, 2013

Michael's Quilt....Finally

Last weekend I decided to piece the block's that my fiber art group made for him while he was deployed. Martha, Sharon, Elaine, Chris, Mary Ellen, Lori, Bethany, Susan, Emmy & Mary Lee made 12" blocks in St John Fisher colors, maroon and gold. I made a couple improv star blocks to even up the rows. I love how it came out! I am quilting straight lines approximately 1 1/2" apart in invisible thread. Need to bind and label so I can give to him when he is home for Christmas. He is going to love the sentiment and the quilt! Such caring, good friends I have. Thank you girls!

Today was guild day. Our annual Christmas celebratory foodie meeting! Good stuff indeed! After a short business meeting and a wonderful show n' tell, we all ate and enjoyed each other's company. Chris ran a mug rug swap which I just did not have time to make, thus could not participate in the fun exchange. BUT, my dear, Martha, had made extra mug rugs and shared one of them with me!! I am using it as I write. I love it. Thank you Martha!
I wish I had gotten pics of the mug rugs revealed today.
I lifted this one pic off FB. Lori made this awesome mug rug.
...and her daughter, Beth, made this one. Love it.

Cold and snowy here in WNY. I love when it is like this....I can hibernate.

Last night I met Melissa and Mela at Tuesday Morning. Bill, my BIL manages the store and a few times a year he gets a family shopping discount day...40% off! I found some good gifts at great prices. What a great store Tuesday Morning is. High end buyout merchandise. Worth a drive. Here's Mela happily shopping with us last night!

Tis herself! Changes every time I see her. Love.

I have been hand stitching needle books using the load of wool I have collected and been gifted! I gave Tracy J this one today...a Sue Spargo inspired design...
I have more in progress. I am stitching on cat design for a good catty friend now! Love wool. It is yummy to put a needle into.

Tomorrow I must paint trim in my sewing room. AND paint the closet which still sports the lime green of the room when I first moved in to this house 10 years ago. I need to be super charged with energy to get this job finished!

I have learned:

  1. My friend Stephanie's father wrote the book "Honor Bound". Stuart Rochester. A memoir of Vietnam soldiers. I am intrigued. Micheal would also like it. 
  2. 7 weeks. Jenn is 7 weeks pregnant! My next grandchild is gestating now!
  3. Part of my lip was actually cut off 2 weeks ago. Basal cell cancer cells all gone though. But, wow, what a slice of face I lost. Wasn't prepared for that. Healing well though.

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