Saturday, January 4, 2014

Kaffe Fassett Shot Cottons etc.

Kaffe Fassett shot cottons...on sale at I have coveted shot cottons since seeing my friend, Beth's, a year ago. She had ordered hers from England I believe. Craftsy had a sale on these....34 fat quarters for $59.99. Less than 2$ a fat quarter. This is the Dark assortment...they also have a light, pastel assortment. I am very pleased. Fast delivery too. Now. What. To. Do.!?

Today Fiberista's met at the very nice Gate's Library. We had a nice room, free of charge, to have our meeting and sew. Frances was in charge of the January activity. She had us take a good look at our decorative stitches on our machines. While I was not very interested in creating a stitch book, I was inspired by Frances' demo. She used the buttonhole stitch, laying row against row. Wow! It was so cool! I threaded up a charcoal gray thread, slipped a piece of canvas under the needle and had at it. I am to thrilled with the result. By simply changing the length and width as I stitched, I came up with this bit of "fabric".
I just love this. Very simple lines. Interesting. Useful. We have decided as a group, to make 6" x 6" squares for each month's activity. Right now I want to embroider over it in red....a real heart image. Not sure that is the way I will go....but I'm interested. I never would have thought to play with the fancy stitches on my machine. Glad we did this. Good group of ladies.

Ta-da! My cutting station in my workroom. My little favorite at work, Ted, likes to keep busy while on stand-by for the week. I had the old drafting table top and  he built the base to accommodate it, from scrap wood he had lying around. The shelf is a bonus! I think I will paint it white like the rest of the room. Cutting has already commenced! Love.
My workroom is coming along. I have a bit more to do before a reveal. So happy with it though. I foresee many hours spent in there. I am seeking small area rugs. I have four in there now. The cold floor will be a patchwork of carpet....perfect.

I am still trying to ward off a sickness. My chest is rattly each morning....not feeling 100%. Tired. Could attribute to the frigid temps and older age. Hope the upswing starts soon.

I have involved myself in many an HGTV project for 2014. Need to get back to my people and fun. I have a few things in the works.

1. Redwork Snowman quilt BOM. I am stitching in cream on oatmeal linen's, with brown to beige fabrics for the sewn blocks.
2. CQ challenge. We each get the same fabrics/embellishments to create a 12" block.
3. UFO challenge. Each month we are assigned a number quilt to work on. We all made out a list of 6 UFO's. This month is #3. That means I have to complete my guild's RRRR that I ran last year. ok!
4. UGLY fabric challenge. Thearica buys what she thinks is ugly fabric, sends each participant a half yard cut to make anything they want. I knew I'd love the UGLY fabric!!

Feels good to be back with my old pals online. I have actually met most of these women at retreats. Good people. Fun.

And of course my guild's annual challenge is due in a couple weeks! The "That Was Then" challenge. Make a piece depicting anything from the year you were born. Anything! 1961 was a good year.  I best get a move on with that one! Have a plan and played with some I need to get it together.

I have learned:

  1. Shared this video on FB, of the "It's Raining Cats & Dogs" exhibit at Houston International show. My dog quilt, "Live Free" is closer to the end. My friend Julie Brandon's quilt is nearer the beginning. Nice to have a visual.
  2. Sophia just called me. How nice it is to hear her little 3 1/2 year old voice on the phone. I think she was looking for consolation....she had just thrown a tantrum in Target....uh oh, 'Issa was mad!
  3. "White Collar" is my newest binge watching fest on Netflix. Like.
  4. My friend, Janet, sent my these instructions for easy Flying Geese. What would be easy is if both squares were the same I did....which is NOT right...that would have been easy!
  5. 2014. 6 new weeks of vacation. 13 minus 2 days of Holiday's. (took Thursday and Friday off this 2 floater holidays) It's just not enough time.
  6. Mela's eyes are the color of blueberries. 


Thearica said...

The stitched square is very interesting indeed! I can see a bag made from doing the stitches on a much bigger piece of fabric... Can I piggyback off of your guilds idea?

Love that you are back with our HGTV family. Missed you bunches.

Emmy Hartwick said...

Hi Kathi I have been away from the blog sites for way too long! Love reading your most recent post. I will drill down to the older ones so I can catch up with you. I will post something in the next day or so, as well. My posting took a dive when my pix on my camera were lost. I was sadder over it than I could have believed. I used to look at them alllll the time! So, be sure to back them up to something/somewhere . . . a cloud or a disk . . . I thought mine were backed up w/ my contacts. Not. :-( . . . A blog needs pix . . . so I have new ones! Love your blogging. Love the sound of those blueberry eyes! Love, Emmy

Melanie Watson said...

I love the cutting station! Ted did a great job! I can't wait to see the whole room reveal! Thanks for sharing the "Raining Cats and Dogs" video. Your "Live Free" quilt is awesome. Do you get to keep it or is it being sold as a fundraiser for the Houston Shelter?