Thursday, January 30, 2014

My Row Robin Quilt from Guild & My Cool Wallet Win!

I am so pleased to say I finished this quilt this month! Thanks to WQFC, on HGTV quilt message board, I am participating in a UFO challenge over the next 6 months. We all signed on, 6 projects that need to be completed on our lists. On the first of the month she picks a number and we must finish the quilt on our list that corresponds with that number~! This month was number guild's RRRR that I ran last Fall.

My fellow row makers are:
 #1) Connie used Virginia Findlay Wolfe's 15 Minutes of Play concept to create the top row of cool and crazy blocks! Love!
#2)  Me. One of the 2 extra blocks I made for the quilt. A checkerboard.
#3)  Dodie paper pieced these wonderful blocks! Vivid and perfect!!
#4)  My original row to kick start the quilt. I chose the cool swirly purple-y fabric as focus. I love the "+" quilts all over the web so modified one to work.
#5)  My dear friend Tracy J, upon request duress, appliqued this row of precious blocks! She has become a proficient applique quilter and I am happy to have her handiwork in my quilt.
#6)  Me. The second row I made to make my quilt larger. Wonky stars, one of my favorite blocks.
#7)  Elaine's square in a square rendition for my RRRR.
I love each and every stitch my friends put into their rows for me.
A pieced back using the rest of some fabrics from my rows.
Since I had to finish this by January 31st, I didn't have time to employ a long arm quilter. I meander quilted this on my machine, wrestling and taming it as I progressed. My quilty friends know how much I dislike this part. I was channeling a couple of them as I worked through it! It is acceptable. What I covet is a sit down quilting machine. They are pricey. I really, really want one.
Thank you to those that participated in my Row Robin and to those that contributed to my treasure!
And it sure feels good to finish a UFO!

I am the very happy winner of Thearica's wallet give-away!! My wallet came today. I LOVE it!! Thank you Q! I will use and treasure it...and think of you each and every day as I use it. I feel fortunate to have such giving, caring friends. Thearica is the quintessential southern lady.

Tell me that isn't spectacular?!!.

I could not resist the urge to show you the accompanying card. Thearica collects pigs. How awesome is this!?

I have learned:

  1. I have joined a gym. A quaint little gym down the road. We use a swipe card to get in 24/7. It is a fraction of the cost of the YMCA or other gym in Batavia.What a brilliant idea.  I will succeed. Encourage me.
  2. Darcy, my little love, my niece. turns 15 on Sunday. Seems only a short time ago she was sleeping on me, frantically holding onto to Baby.
  3. Pregnant Jenn, my DIL, had to have one of her wisdom teeth pulled today. Murphy's Law.
  4. Cheryl Doodie has completed the hand quilting on my Wonky Penny's quilt! Pics as soon as I get it from her.
  5. Christina Aguilera and One Big World. Love this simple tune. "Say Something"


Melanie Watson said...

You did great with the quilting! I'm so proud of you!

Dodie said...

Love your finished Row Robin. Just the push I need to finish mine!