Sunday, January 12, 2014

Cool Stitching

We played a bit in my Fiberista fiber art group last Saturday, with our fancy stitches on our machines. This is the buttonhole stitch done back to back while varying the width and length as I sewed. I love it! I see great potential in this. We have committed to making a 6" X 6" block of each technique we learn this year. Part of the 6" x 6" idea is to donate to the ROCO  project if we chose. The possibilities of this stitch are exciting. It's so cool in this dark gray thread on canvas!

Sophia spent the night with me Friday! We had a great time! She wanted me to show her how to stitch, but what she ended up doing was snipping bits of floss and threads and silk ribbons. That's okay, anything to get a little one to just like fibers is fine by me. She found some of this dingle berry trim and wanted it to be her crown! Sweetness. The Gramma thing is so darn awesome. We went to Sally Ann's and every time she called me Gramma Kassie, I melted.

The view from my kitchen window this past week. The freezing temperatures formed the frozen trails on the window. We were at zero for a bit last week. Today it was almost 50 degrees though. The usual weather highs and lows in western NY.

I am working on my annual guild challenge today. The challenge is "That Was Then"...the year of your birth.
While searching the web I learned much about the year I was born. 1961. Of  course the challenge was announced last February. A lot of us wait til the last month to make our piece. I am liking where mine is going, so that's a good thing. I can't show it yet....wait til Saturday.

I have learned:

  1. "The Take", a Netflix DVD, starring Tom Hardy is a good watch. Tom Hardy is compelling. Something about him....bad teeth and all. 
  2. "Little Bee". A good read. Well written.
  3. Don't try to extricate an off road vehicle with a chain and tow strap. A work truck, that should not have been on the road last week, drove off the road in a white out. While trying to get the truck out of the field, the tow strap snapped which made in turn caused the chain to  ricochet off the windshield, smashing it in the process. If there were a body in the line of that fire, it would have been deadly. 
  4. Bruce's new CD due out Tuesday!

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