Sunday, January 26, 2014

Spring Clean Up Will Be a B*#$^

If you look closely at this picture, you will see the damage done by the ice storm of a month ago. I decided to take a gander when the snow was melted a couple of weeks ago. I could not believe the many limbs that broke off of these pine trees. Some were as large as 18"-22" around. A major mess to clean up in the Spring. If my kindly neighbor, Gerry, doesn't want to cut it for heating wood, I will be dragging and burning for weeks.

This view is from what we affectionately caledl the "poop zone". Dean,  my deceased Greyhound, would make his messes in this area. I wouldn't have to pick it up over here! The white building is my garage and the grey building to the left is my old homey house!

My laptop is still unwell. I cannot retrieve my pics...know they are in there somewhere. It is all too much for me to figure out on my own. Help!

I have learned:

  1. I CAN use my domestic machine to free motion quilt! I watched a couple of youtube video's on the subject. I meandered my way through my guild's RRRR quilt today. Meandering does go quickly. The result isn't great. It is simply useful. I must have binding sewn on by Friday to meet this month's UFO deadline. 
  2. Fell on black ice at work while shoveling the walkway Tuesday. Sprained wrist. Strained shoulder. ugh
  3. "Luther"... worth a  second watch. 
  4. Mela is 6  months old tomorrow.


Melanie Watson said...

I love that you are using your domestic machine to free motion quilt! I've always thought you would be good at it.

Emmy Hartwick said...

Sorry about all that damage and your fall . . . hey . . . I used to have a greyhound, too! Stay warm and well!