Sunday, February 2, 2014

Picture Play

Last month my little Fiberista group played with our numbered stitches on our machines. I used number 25 on my Bernina, the buttonhole stitch. If you recall I made a piece of black on canvas using the stitch, varying width and length as I sewed. I built the rows up to make a great piece of fabric. One boring minute this past week I played with the pic of the original in I love how the colors of thread changed in these along with the main color.
Isn't that cool? These would look good made into a piece of fabric. Fun..

Beautiful Mela is 6 months now. At Darcy's 15th birthday party Friday night, she feasted on peas! No cake for this baby!  MMM. Ian & his friend, Andrew, had me take pics of her with them. Darcy & her friend, Ashley, played and danced with her. She loved it!

The laptop saga continues. I still cannot find my pictures. That is bad. Very bad. It was as slow as dial up for the last few days. Unplugged the modem for a bit. Seems to have made a change. I fear it is a slow demise. I am not prepared.

Can I do my own taxes? I have no dependents, no special circumstances that require additional forms. Should be simple.

I have learned:

  1. I will be watching the Superbowl tonight for the first time in many years. I need to keep track of the quarter scores. Good luck!
  2. I have restarted my redwork snowmen blocks using a nice tidy chain stitch. Like the thicker look.
  3. Jenn is pregnant as you know. She posted a pic of her dinner earlier this week, which prompted much ewwws and ughs and a few hmmmms. Hard boiled egg with sour cream. I was a hmmmmm. 
  4. Michael ran to the library today for a new book to read. First...awesome that he takes time to read books. library on a Sunday? 
  5. The best oatmeal. Abundance. Hope I can find it in stores. This was at Ollie's. 
  6. My friend Annie has a daughter that plays high school hockey very well. This is a pic of  Meagan I played with in (Above)

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Dodie said...

Mela has the bluest eyes! Just beautiful.