Sunday, February 9, 2014

Winter Woes.....Laptop Woes....

Winter window. Love the icicle lines and the falling snow. But I have no idea how I did that! Cool though. This is the view out my kitchen window to part of my yard. The deer come up to that tree to dig for walnuts. I love my little house!

A friend cleaned up my laptop. I should have given him more info on the troubles. I still cannot find my pictures. When I download them from my camera, they don't go to My Pictures. I have to find them on Desktop and move them to Windows Photo. Even then, I don't know where they go! It is very frustrating.
I may have to pay my computer guy to get things back in order.

I have learned:

  1. Mela is crawling! I posted a video on FB of  her new moves. Every week is a new thing. Melissa & Mela joined Pam & I yesterday for lunch and some thrift shopping. Mela was an angel. 

     2. Jenn is 15 weeks prego now! Still don't know what baby will be. A Sean Michael or a Madison
     3. Michael goes to Michigan this week for some air assault training. He graduated from his leadership class last week in top 20%. He is busy.

     4. I filed my taxes myself. I hope I did things correctly. I pay the state of NY & the federal government a lot of money. :(
     5. I am attending a healing mass for Sandy tonight in Marilla. A pet scan showed cancer in 3 different areas this past week. Prayers please.

     6. This month's UFO, Sophia's quilt, is under needle as I write. I am doing my meandering quilting on this on also. I will have 2 finished quilts by end of February!


Thearica said...

2 quilts this month is awesome! I saw the video of your precious baby girl... She is growing like a weed!

Love the photo of your outdoors! Do you remember what software you used to do that?

Char said...

oooo, your winter window is awesome! I'm trying to convince Tommy we should remove all the blinds on our little house but apparently he was traumatized at a tender age by "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" so no luck, so far :)