Thursday, November 21, 2013

My Laptop is Sick....

I  making this post on my iPhone because my laptop is "sick" and in for repair. Apparently when I shut a small notebook in it, this cracked my screen.
The Carbonite trial I downloaded also fixed some whammy on it.
For $154 I can have a new screen and clean up. Better than the $500 I would have to spend for a new something. Not a good time of year for that chunk of change!
Should have back by Tuesday. Miss the little technological connection to part of my world.

Actually posted a couple listings to my Etsy shop via iPhone.
Couldn't post a pic on blog from phone pics though. Not sure why.

So I should be back up and running soon enough

I have learned:

    1. My friend Sandy has come through another medical emergency. She had a craniotomy Sunday afternoon to remove a fast growing tumor from her brain. Home already and feeling well. The ordeals she has had to deal over the last five years are harrowing. She's a warrior.
    2. Scored a vintage marble top table with black iron base at Sally Ann's for $90 last week. My new kitchen table!
    3. Carbon monoxide is flammable. I did not know that. Flash point around 1200•
    4. Melissa's 5th grade 8:1:1 special Ed class is dangerous place. She was hit again by a kid while trying to manage a fight until security arrived to take them out of classroom. Her heart is with these kids... Trying to do everything possible to help them learn.
    5. Trees on my patch of earth need trimming. $$$$$. Ugh.
    6. Mela is sitting up, bobbling head and all!

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Thearica said...

Mela is a sweet doll baby... I know your smile lights up the world when you talk about her. :)

My pc needs to go in too.. I am afraid we may have a virus... Hope you get yours back soon..

I am searching for a new table for our kitchen... I want a clear glass round top on an iron base with cushioned chairs. Maybe I will have a little bit of your luck and find what I am in search of. :)