Wednesday, October 30, 2013

My Piece of Mind

This is the third piece I made for last weekend's lapidary show in Rochester. As I perused all the wonderful stones Diane had for us to use, this one immediately said "brain". So a brain it became! I bought some phrenology images on Etsy, using one of them to thread sketch the head. Peaceful is circled in red with free motion stitching to play on the piece/peace theme. A white oil paint stick brightened things up. I do love this piece. It was fun creating it.
The lapidary show was interesting. I know nothing about stones, gems and fossils, so I was admiring and watching the people that did know. Michael and Jenn facetimed me while I was viewing the fiber exhibit, so they got to see my work displayed. The old armory building was a real treat to see.

Another very creative weekend at Julie's! Saturday, Ann was able to join us and to clarify her 2 O'clock 5" x 5" challenge. I had understood it to mean DO the artwork at 2, either 2 AM or 2 PM. We only needed to COME UP with our theme of that days piece at those timed options. Since I missed most of the month, Julie suggested I use game cards to pick my themes for the 31 days. Great idea! I made 6 little quilts already from the many pieces of fabrics I mono printed. I was in the zone! I have to give the Gelli Plate its due compliment. It is an awesome surface to monoprint on...its durable and just "giving" enough. The new larger plate is a temptation, but has a hefty price tag. Thinking....

I do like to make a mess!
Here are four of the 5" x 5" pieces I made from them.
Prompt:  Phone
 Prompt:  Zero
 Prompt:  Blast
Prompt:  Red Square

Making these was all heart.

Melissa and Mela came for dinner at Sportos last night. I love those mid-week visits. Dave sent me pics and videos of her today. (If I haven't gotten a pic in a day or two, I order one from them). Mela and Orange Kitty today.
Orange Kitty is a rescue cat I got for them not long ago. He immediately took to Mela, laying right next to her protectively. She loves him. He loves her. In a video Dave sent earlier, Orange Kitty made sure that when Dave's hand was near Mela that he was gentle. Very sweet. AND isn't she adorable?!! I will be bonding this weekend with my girl...I bring her home Friday til Sunday. Melissa and Dave need a break..some sleep...and some alone time. Happy to oblige.

I have learned:

  1. I like sushi. Ann brought a variety to Julie's. I ate eel. Cooked eel. It was the only cooked seafood in all the sushi rounds. I could crave it.
  2. Melissa earns every penny working with these fifth grade, emotionally disturbed (violent behavior) kids. She has bruises on her arm from restraining a student two days ago. One of her boys was strangling another boy in class. She needs more than one aid in classroom. Worrisome.
  3. My "Live Free" is on display in Houston at the Quilt Show right now. It feels good.
  4. Silk screens. Love them. I need a light box for exposing. Reading a good book from the library..."Printing On Fabric" by Jen Swearington. She includes a lot of information on the entire process. 
  5. 1/4" hexi's. Cool and tiny and pretty taxing on the digits. I don't know if I can make hundreds of these in time for the annual guild challenge. 
  6. Why is the weight piling on? 52? I need a plan. 

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