Sunday, October 6, 2013

Tis' the Season for Skeletal Imagery!

This is an awesome image that will hopefully find its way into a piece soon~! If your not familiar with The Graphics Fairy blog, take a look. She posts copyright free images. There are A LOT to peruse. Take the time.
The leftover 30's fabric binding is sewn to Mela's hexi quilt....need to stitch it down and label it and wrap her up in it!
I''ll be off shortly to Niagara Falls, Canada, for a gas conference for a few days. No international plan, no phone. I get to use my Passport for the first time. Should be interesting since this conference will be entirely about the gas industry, which of course pertains to us. I hope to have a Falls view room and will be on the picture taking prowl!

I have learned:

  1. Added another new "hat" to my repertoire at work this week....collections. These are the orders that go out to either collect money or turn off the gas. 
  2. Ace, Michael's golden retriever puppy, has recovered from a bout with Parvo and is back in the loving lap's of his masters!
  3. Dick's Sporting Goods store opening soon in Batavia.
  4. Officers Wives, by Thomas Fleming, circa 1981, is proving to be a good read.
  5. Even after "capping" (Ted's term) 4 woodchuck's, 4 raccoon's and a possum, there wonders my property a couple rather large patriarchal woodchucks that dodged the bullet. Ugh.
  6. "Cups" by Anna Kendrick. Catchy tune. Not earth shattering, but definitely catchy.

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Thearica said...

I had the chance to go to Niagra Falls, Canada back in 2009 and it is gorgeous. We stayed in the Hampton Inn and Suites right in front of the Canadian Falls. Glorious view! I hope you get a room with a view too!

I hope you find time to have some fun outside of the conference.

The quilt is gorgeous!