Sunday, September 15, 2013

Quilted Mandala...On Wings

Mandala quilt, "On Wings" is machine quilted, seed stitched and crytsalled. Need to block it, face it and sleeve it for the hanging at Blue Pearl Yoga on Thursday. If anyone is interested, our art quilt group will have a reception Friday evening at the old Masonic Temple on Main St, in Batavia, that houses Blue Pearl. We would love to see you there~!

Friday's have become gramma time! I love it. Sophia asks if I am coming over and of course Mela doesn't know it yet, but she looks forward to it too. I had Mela and Sophia in my lap, in Dave's ravaged but beloved recliner this past Friday, while I fed Mela and we all watched Legally Blond. I loved it. Every second of it. They are precious girls. Sophia gets in touch with her feline side and licks my face affectionately!

Yesterday was spent "popping tags" at thrift stores with Pam & Sarah! We had a blast. Sarah was the winner with all her great jacket/blazer finds. Of course it helps that she is small. Pam found plenty of "teacher" clothes....I was focused on Mela/Sophia clothing. Found plenty! Lunch at Salsarita's. OMG. YUM. Always good time with my besty and her daughter.

I am watching the Bills vs Carolina game. We just scored!! Yes! Once a Bills fan, you just can't shake it off. Ask Micheal. He has tried to favor other teams that succeed. We are diehard. Great game! I can almost hear Micheal's hoots from Tennessee!

I was walking my property this morning and came upon this....

....a heavily laden apple tree limb fallen. It will make it that much easier for the sweet dear that come and feast on my 4 apple tree's. I picked a few good ones to make applesauce. They are truly delicious.

I have learned:

  1. Gerhard Richter Painting, a documentary on Netflix, very interesting. Loved.
  2. Gregory Crewdson: Brief Encounters, also a great documentary on the photographer. 
  3. The Tents, on Netflix. Excellent also.
  4. Go to a gas conference in Atlantic City next week. I hope to still be able to walk the Boardwalk. 
  5. 2 years, 5 months to retirement~!

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arlee said...

I love that feather mandala--absolutely wonderful!!!!!!!!!!