Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Love this Dover free image. I must use it. Hmmm.
I have been busy finishing up my mandala quilt for the show at Blue Pearl Yoga that opens with an artist reception next Friday. My "On Wings" mandala quilt is ready for finishing. I added many seed stitches to it. At my art quilt group Tuesday, we revealed what we all had done or were working on. All looks great!

The last RRRR for guild is overdue. (Being consumed by mandala) I have, however, sewn 3/4" hexi's into a tree shape for 8 6" blocks. I used Elaine's red metallic fabric for tree. I am stuck on the cream metallic she has used in her block. I need to find something that works with that for the base of my block.

So hot and steamy the last two days. I had taken my fan to the basement Sunday. Brought back up today. I managed to sleep through last night without it...not again tonight though.

I have learned

  1. Craft Bits n' Pieces in Fairport is a treasure trove for any creator! 
  2. Flame....Popeye...not sure what Melissa and Dave have decided to call the rescued cat I got them last weekend from Genesee County animal shelter. He is orange. We love orange kitty's!
  3. Project Runway. Boring this season. No standouts.
  4. Remembered the day throughout. Not good memories of that day 12 years ago. 

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