Monday, March 30, 2009

Zen Chick!

Isn't he cute? Maybe I will use this for my April Journal quilt?? That's is an idea I will file.

These were some of the knots I learned to draw. I just searched and can't find the site that had many booklet type instructions for Henna, Celtic and other topics that could provide inspiration for a repetitive technique. If & when I find it again I will post it. I followed the directions for drawing the Celtic knots and it was SIMPLE. My daughter was telling a friend of hers about Zentangle after she saw her doodling up her OWN design today.

Knit up a few more inches of my LEMONGRASS sweater tonight at knitting group. It is looking good!

GOOD READ.....Dennis Lehane's The Given Day. Most books are good and reading them before bed is the norm. Some books are BETTER than good. This book is one of those. I love when a book comes along that you can't wait to get back to, the ones you take with you just in case you get a few minutes to flip a page. Worth your time.

Today I Learned:

  1. How to make a ZIPPER flower. A woman at knitting gave us a little lesson using an old metal zipper. Cute. I will post a pic when I get out the glue gun & old zipper I picked up at Sally Ann's a while ago
  2. Clifford, one of my CHERISHED cats, has a skin tag. At the END of his fluffy body! It was causing troubles back there. The VET took care of it today. He was not happy.

1 comment:

JodyC said...

Very cute little "chick".

Thank you for the book suggestion. I checked it out on, think I need to read this one.

Hope your kitty is on the mend and over the VET trauma.