Monday, March 23, 2009

Older and feelin' it!

I was born 48 years ago, 1 hour and 36 minutes short of St. Patrick's Day...which would have been pretty COOL since my Dad was direct from Ireland, the old Sod! They called him "The Lad" at work. He had a beautiful brogue.

I would have posted yesterday but it seems that non-rechargeable batteries really don't recharge! I inadvertently tried charging the batts that came with my camera! (my brain is also 48 now which doesn't seem promising already!)

First, I have been knitting a bit...on that great Lemongrass sweater. I LOVE this pattern. Very EASY! I felt motivated after seeing my sister's friend, NANCY, wearing hers when we all met for my birthday lunch. I have knitting group tonight so I am on a roll to complete this before the hot weather.

I just want to point out my VINTAGE sofa! It hasn't lasted very long since my huge greyhound, DEAN, owns it, but it would be a great piece reupholstered. It is slightly curved and has a smaller profile for my 15"x14" living room.

I also finished my Fiber Art for A Cause Collage Mania 2009 piece yesterday. I am a born procrastinator. I committed to doing one again this year after last years auction. I have had months to do this. I DO work better with a deadline though. Here it is. I actually deconstructed my guild challenge that I wasn't very thrilled with. I used silver metallic Free-Motion quilting on leather-look vinyl.

My friend Nicki sent me a TREASURE trove of goodies to help ease the reality of another passing year!! How apropos, since she was the one that got so many of us into we are all CRAZY for it! She made that gorgeous POSTCARD for me and on the right is a delicious assortment of her hand-dyed lace. Check out her blog because she sells them and other neat stuff! THANKS Nick! It truly brightened my day!

Today I Learned:

  1. To not recharge non-rechargeable batteries!
  2. My kitchen will be painted in Ralph Lauren Antique Bone after seeing this restful room. I love the subtle contrast between white and the bone shade.
  3. I went all the way to the library to meet with my knitting crew and.................yup, no knitting tonight!


Nicki Lee said...

Happy Birthday Girlfriend! I so can't wait to see you at the Retreat in another 30 days to give you a big hug! WOW 48! You are still such a baby - love every minute of it as it flies by.

I just love your sweater - awesome pattern! And your collage is as always - Fabulous!

talia said...

Kathy, the sweater is really cool! and your little treasure from Nicki was very sweet :) Hope your birthday was fantastic!