Sunday, March 1, 2009

Weekend update..

I am committing to an online journal art quilt endeavor. I decided to begin right away and this is my February piece. I got the image of heart with wings by searching Google Images. I don't know what it is about HEART with WINGS, but it really appeals to me. We could probably analyse that one...I would be INTRIGUED to unveil its meaning!

The lyrics are by Patti Scialfa, Bruce Springsteen's wife and backup singer. (She has 3 CD's of her own) The first time I heard "Loves Glory" on the RUMBLE DOLL CD I loved it. The meaning behind the lyrics, especially this verse, struck a chord in me.

Oh my tender dreams...I gave them such fragile wings and sent them up to
Heaven....But Heaven was just too high and I watched them falter against the sky

So I took both the image & lyrics printed on fabric and used them in my JOURNAL quilt. A little hand stitching & a little more free motion quilting and done~ I am satisfied for the most part....the part I am not happy with is the puffy bits....I know now I should FUSED them down. BUT that is part of the process....learning I mean!

I also got out the DYNAFLOW paint dyes and spiffed up this old crochet doily I picked up at SALLY ANN'S. I love these pieces, knowing all the work someone put into them and I like to repurpose them for Crazy Quilting. The top picture is the "front" and the bottom is the "back". I like both sides! I plan to cut them into smaller FLOWER units and embellish with beads or silk ribbon. Check out my friend NickiLee's blog to see her repertoire of beautiful dyed lace.

I met my best oldest friend PAM (and by oldest I don't mean my OLDEST friend as in 99 pushing 100,...but as in I have known her for 41 years...we were 7 when we moved next door to each other...literally a single driveway separating our bedroom windows) & her very interesting (and by INTERESTING I mean intelligient & humorous with an edge, but not an angst edge) 16 year old daughter Hannah to see TAKEN. We didn't like it. Besides being unbelievable, literally, it was a real STRUGGLE to watch once manly Liam Neeson sporting a dyed-too-dark coif. and hair dye should NEVER mix! So we have agreed that next time we meet we stick to CHICK FLICKS~

Today I learned:

  1. I AM improving at my free motion quilting!
  2. That invisible thread is like a temperamental teenager.
  3. With the help of Jody I can now post a link with a HIGHLIGHT
  4. Learned about Veronica Guerin. A reporter in 90's DUBLIN. Good movie. Sad story.


Nicki Lee said...

Love love love your heart! That is an awesome page for your first entry to your Art Journal... you can only guess what color mine is going to be! I think this is going to be a fun process throughout the year.

Thanks for the nice plug...I've got lots of pretties all dyed up for the Retreat...and guess who gets first pick (roomie) LOL!

JodyC said...

Beautiful Art Journal page, seeing one completed is helping me to figure out where to start with mine. I should be able to do one for March.