Thursday, February 26, 2009


At our art quilt group, MARTHA showed us how to do Zentangle. This littel diddy is my first attempt! You can google it to read all about it. The basic idea is to DOODLE...constructive, therapeutic doodling and it is FUN! Remember in high school doodling all over your folders? Boyfriends names, Greek sorority letters, inspirational phrases, friends names in hearts of who was going out with whom that week~
You use an 01 or 25mm pigment pen to get a thin, defined line and a heavier paper, I think it's watercolor paper.
Try this. Just make a wild TANGLE and fill in the open areas with various designs. It is mesmerizing and truly interesting to see how it turns out.
Google images of Zentangle to get a plethora of ideas!
This weekend I have grand plans to complete or at least work on...
  1. mini quilt for swap
  2. Red Door art quilt
  3. journal page for Feb. (already printed cool image of heart & wings, and lyrics)
  4. Fiber Art for a Cause Collage Mania piece
  5. stitch on my current CRAZY quilt RR block
  6. knit more GREEN sweater

That's my list of current obligations to creativity! I will let you know how it goes by Sunday night.

Today I learned...

  1. How to repair a plastic gas service line with a stab coupling! REALLY. I can get in a ditch and proceed using my little notecard with step-by-step instructions and repair a ruptured line! Really. really....
  2. my cats DO get on the ledge of the cistern in my basement. Must be where they retrieve and play-to-death the baby snakes they annually lay on the kitchen floor for our enjoyment!

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Quilts with Wine (aka Melanie) said...

Congrats on learning how to repair a gas service with a stab coupling! I'm so proud of you! I learned that at least 10 years ago! But I still don't know how to do a re-lite and am afraid of my own gas stove. lol.