Thursday, February 19, 2009

Red Door

This door is awesome! I wish I knew where it was, who painted it, when, why RED? I could be this door! I am going to be 48 next month and truthfully I feel peely and warped sometimes!! My joints ache (peely) and I am definitely gimpy in the morning (warpy) til I work all the kinks out.....BUT still it is an appealing door and oh so interesting!

I have printed this image on fabric and plan to make an art quilt using it as my main bit. As part of my Art Girlz Quilt group, we use the http:// this book as a guild line for learning a few things. It has chapters dedicated to different design issues and homework to inspire you to make an ART QUILT.
I missed a little on my "perspective" lesson from the 2nd chapter! I may redo it. If I do I will take a picture & post.

Today I learned....
  1. READ all instructions to a pattern 1st, then read again! I have to rip out my green sweater AGAIN. I completely left out the *KNIT 2nd row* after the increase row on the yoke.... I totally missed it TWICE!! At least I am only on my 2nd sister ripped 5 x's and her friend Nancy ripped out 7 x's!!! Hope this isn't the way the MY story goes!

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