Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Black & White Challenge

I thought I would share my "Little Black Dress" with you even though it was my guild's challenge for 2007. YES, that is me at our quilt show last October....I received Most Creative award! I was VERY happy with that. The challenge was to use only BLACK & WHITE and one other color. I drew up the dress pattern and to get the gradated look on the skirt I cut long pointy triangular pieces of fabric, beginning with black on black, to black with a bit of white til I got towards bottom and the fabrics were white with a bit of black.
Fused to Timtex. Free motion quilted ALL over it to keep all those PESKY edges down.
Made the bodice out of black velvet and the bands from luscious red silk.
It hangs on a mini hanger I found at Salvation Army. It had an 80's rag doll hanging on it. Tossed the doll...the hanger was perfect. Thin satin ribbon attached to dress....and all set to go.
I had FUN making this piece!
My dress is surrounded by my Art Girlz group members. We are a small group that formed and meet once a month to indulge a more creative itch, ala Quilting Arts magazine.
The one in the left corner is Martha's. She took a Jane Sassaman class and her flowers have a definite Sassaman flavor. It is gorgeous!
The one to the upper right is Elaine's blow-up of a particular part of a flower. Really cool!
The little leaf piece on my head is Sharon's. She played with watercolor wax crayons and what great results. I love it! She wrote that she gave herself permission to play and this was what came of the play session!

I learned today:
  1. 1 million Earth's would fit inside the Sun. It's true. I doubted Chicken (aka Jason). I asked Jeeves. It is TRUE!

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Nicki Lee said...

Hey girl - so nice to see your smiling face - I can't wait til April to give you a big hug - I miss you!

I love your little black dress - thing is... I never realized it was as big as it is.... way too cool!