Sunday, February 15, 2009

CQ Project & a Few Thoughts

I came up with this idea of a crazy quilted flower over a year ago. I made the petal & center patterns and pieced them up thinking that if I had THAT done by June of last year, I would actually have all the embellishing done and ready to enter in my LQG's quilt show last October! I neglected to take into account LIFE! I am now shooting for October 2010. I have a few close-ups (I can do that now that I have a new camera with the capability to MACRO) to share with you and will keep you apprised of my turtle-paced progress. I DO ascribe to the "Slow and Steady wins the Race" addage however.

On another note.....BLOGGING....I already love the process and possibilities that this holds for me. I am attracted to blogs for the inspiration and motivation to create and realize it can be a great tool, like a DAILY magazine. And for those of us who are "magaholics", you know the excitement, the momentary adrenalin rush when you see that new issue of your mag of choice on the newstand! There are endless blogs with limitless information that fit any interest and I hope to be a blip in that world.


I have ALOT to how to post blogs I follow; how to have my own designed banner (although I kind of like my first attempt);how come my profile pic and little blurb don't show; how to actually control picture placement within my posts; can't I include verbiage next to each pic. These are just a few things that I know I DON'T know. Is there a DUMMIES book for BLOGGERS!? I need that!

As I like to say one should learn something new every day.....TODAY I learned:

  1. How to take close-up-macro-cool pictures
  2. Count your stitches often , so you don't have to rip out 5 hours worth of knitting (yep, that green sweater I posted!)
  3. Sr. dog food works to slim your dog down by increasing elimination from 1-2 x's daily to 4-5 x's daily....good thing I have 6 acres to spread the "goods" around!

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