Monday, February 23, 2009

Finished Mermaid Crazy Quilt Block for RR

Here is the finished pieced block. I went for under & over the sea idea and think it will turn out some interesting embellishing by my RR mates. There are two mermaids printed on fabric..

I sewed the fabrics down using invisible thread figuring the crazy quilted stitches would camouflage it. It doesn't bother me either way though. I thought a MOON in the sky would look cool...maybe before it goes I will add it.

I also met with the girl I am co-chairing the raffle quilt for next guild quilt show. It's October 2010 but it takes a surprisingly long time coordinate everything. We have a design sketched out (original) color pallet chosen and approximate size. Shopping for the fabric in a month and then get things moving along. I have worked with TRACY on a raffle quilt before and she is fun & easy to get along with...a great collaboration!

Knitting at the library tonight! We have been meeting for 3 years now! I have learned so much from them and truly enjoy their company! LINDA has designed a knit top down sweater for American Girl Dolls....her & BARB were working on them. A-DANG-dorable! I will try to get a picture of them next time we meet. TERRY gave me a prayer shawl she made my friend thoughtful and appreciated.

Today I learned...

  1. 54% of properties in my little CITY are rentals.
  2. Two occupants in the crash of Flight 3407 were members of Chuck Mangione's band. I listened to him back in the day. Jazz.

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