Monday, February 9, 2009

Art Quilt

I am part of a small group that meets monthly to indulge our art quilt tendencies. Our first challenge was to interpret a photo into 15"x15" quilt. The hardest part of the challenge was choosing a photo! I went through pics from my childhood..nothing inspired me. I went through more current pics and still nothing excited me. SO I took my substandard digital camera to my little CITY and snapped this one of a church window on Main St.

I was reminded to not be owned by my photo when I read a quote from Ellen Lindner....and I came up with this.
I did my first bit at free motion quilting with pebbling in the background...FUN! I thought it needed something else so I dry brushed gold over the pebbles. Then I had to come up with away to finish the edges since I had used shirtailor interfacing, very stiff, and wrinkles if bent, so I couldn't turn inside out. I mixed Tacky glue with the gold paint, spread it in a long ribbon on a trash bag and dipped the edges so it resembles a soldered edge! I love it!

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