Sunday, March 8, 2009

Seaweed slumber.

Here is a little something I added to my mermaid block before she gets mailed to Nicki this week. I used the Crochet Chain Stitch from Judith Baker Montano's book FLORAL STITCHES
I love how it came out. I used 3 different threads. It love how it looks like SEAWEED.

**I did have a quite lengthy post, with pics, all set to go. An error occurred and I lost the 45 minutes I spent writing it! I will have to figure out if it was something I did or a BLOGGER issue. Of course I need to know the difference!! I will try again tomorrow night**

I learned TODAY:
  1. How to do that crochet chain stitch. Very cool stitch and I will use it again.

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JodyC said...

Beautiful stitching and choice of colors. It adds great dimension to your block.