Sunday, March 29, 2009

March Journal Page

This is my March Journal Page. I am not entirely happy with it. It needs something else...the orange/red color is a good contrast, but it appears to just be plopped onto the background. SPRING doesn't show up enough either. HHMMMM..I will think of what could be done to improve this little piece. Any idea's?

I used another piece of my challenge quilt on this CUFF. Somerset Studio's Belle Armoire magazine is running a challenge right now calling for them by June 15. I do plan to send it in for consideration! A cuff can be worn on the wrist or ankle. Mine would be worn on the wrist. Not my wrist however! I am just not that rockin'!

This is a mini quilt I made for a Kathy in CA. I didn't get the measurements before I mailed it Friday but approximately 18"x 10". It looks wonky in the picture but it was straight & square! I drafted the little house pattern for paper piecing. If you look closely you can see where I hand stitched in center of each neighborhood" and on binding. I also did pebble-y free motion quiting on border. I will get one from her next week, so I will post it then.

A little Zentangle-ing. I like the gridded layout. I like the separate & DIFFERENT doodles in each chunky block. I especially like 2nd from right in the middle row...a CROWN & swirls. Every time I look at these I think how cool they would look as free motion quilting.

I have 2 CQ RR blocks to stitch on. One is the mermaid block swap. Carolyn is an artist, a painter, and her block is beautiful! She included some lessons on depth of field so I hope I successfully employ those directives!

I have less than 4 weeks before I travel to Manchester N.H. for the annual HGTV retreat. There are 70 ladies from all over the states and even 1 from IRELAND! I have to use the provided FQ to make something for the challenge. I am not inspired by the novelty cow themed fabric. I plan to make little baby booties from a SIMPLICITY pattern. I will have to use a felted lining to give them structure.

I also have to make a T-shirt that will be my NAME TAG. It should reflect your state in some way. Many idea's. I want to reconstruct it first...even if it's just to feminize the fit. I thought of adding fabric to sleeves & bottom; cutting to make into cardigan style; printing a map image of my town in NYS. I will probably wait til a week before to make both of them!


Orinda said...

I like your zens. They are fun aren't they and we never know what they are going to be. Orinda

Quilts with Wine (aka Melanie) said...

WOW!! The Zentangle drawings are really really cool!! I think they would be really cool in a quilt! I learned how to draw Celtic knotwork when I was in the medieval recreation group 10 years ago. I had so much fun drawing and painting the knotwork back then. I've been wanting to applique quilt it for a long time. I never thought to use it as free motion quilting pattern. And the zentangle is soooo different and cool in its own way too. Thanks for showing us new things like this!!