Saturday, March 14, 2009

Gel Glue Resist

Busy, busy week. Plenty of stress to go around...but even in seeming chaos I am thinking of my next project, all my current projects and ways to improve or change old ones. It is what makes me tick, just an idea that I can expand on makes a moment better. I read Quilting Arts magazine and am inspired every time I page through an issue. Elaine, from my Art Girlz group made a beautiful resist of tulips. Today I did the 1st step to this. Using the washable blue gel glue I made my resist.
I hope to paint it using Dye-Na-Flow fabric paints sometime tomorrow. I am thinking of using this as part of my fiber art collage for Fiber Art for a Cause. I only have 2 more weeks to get it done and submitted for the online auction. I made the piece below last year for it...didn't know what I was doing really. If you page through last years entry's you will find that my emailed image is the most challenged! But I was happy to have finished it and even happier to know it lives in Lincoln, Nebraska now.

I can see the possibilities in this process. It is kind of BATIK-Y. In the magazine article she used a fabric marker to color in the resist lines which gives it an entirely different look...and I liked it! I would like to find some type of SQUEEZE bottle with a tiny hole to expel the glue in a thinner line. Not sure where to look....thought maybe cake decorating supplies would have something suitable?? I also was thinking what could be added to the glue to make it thicker, less runny. I would like to be able to write WORDS using this process and thinner would be better...unless I worked on a pretty big piece, which is INTRIGUING!

Today I learned:

  1. The glue resist thing!
  2. My friend Sandy had her daughter Lauren shave her head...she is going through aggressive chemo for ovarian cancer. (see my first post)
  3. I have very thoughtful friends. Terry sent a bag...early b-day gift. It was full of books, mag, fabric and little sketch book....all things carefully chosen. She often leaves little goodie bags for me from her THRIFTING expeditions. Whenever I see one I get that flutter for what's inside!


lissdarc said...

Mom, Girlz really? With a z? oh boy... no more Kanye for you! Cook bird pieces. Cant wait to see what it looks like when its done!

lissdarc said...

*Cool bird piece. oops!