Sunday, March 8, 2009

Little stitchin' & a new floor

With the help of Jody
I found my "lost" lengthy post from last night! So I need to add to what I learned TODAY:

  1. How to find a lost post in edited DRAFT status!

~~~ Sweet SEAWEED Dreams~~~

I did manage to do a little stitching on my mermaid block this weekend. This is the Crochet Chain Stitch from Judith Baker Montano's book FLORAL STITCHES.

This is a great book for any crazy quilting enthusiast. Any of Montano's books are an inspiration. This copy is from my library but I will have to search for a deal online to make it my OWN soon.

It is so cool. You begin by making a stitch, then you use a crochet hook to make a chain with the thread of choice (I used a silky variegated, a gold thread and a chartreuse thread) When you finish the chain you tack it down where it looks best. There is alot of PLAY with this stitch and I love how it looks like the mermaid in sleeping on a bed of SEAWEED. I will definitely use this stitch again.

This is the week I have to mail my block off to begin this ROUND ROBIN and I am excited to see what I learn from this group of very talented woman. I love doing these RR's...seeing the works of other stitchers is a true LEARNING experience.

These next 2 pictures are a little of my bits I have added to Jackie's block on a current CQ RR.

Jackie's CRAZY quilt is beautiful. She pieced a BUTTERFLY and all the work done on it so far is awesome. I WISH I could post her block here, but ALAS, I cannot! It would spoil the surprise if she were to see it.

Here is the reason I didn't have much time to create...

This weekend my daughters fiance & his brother installed the laminate wood floor they are standing on!! I love it....ALOT. It makes my little kitchen COZY. I painted all the trim so they can install & finish up this week. Now I MUST paint the kitchen, a job that has been on my TO-DO list for way over a year. I am changing the RED to a more calming very light TAUPE and repainting the cupboards a crisper, shiny white. There is nothing more gratifying for me than to make my house a HOME. I thank Cory & J.P. for helping me do that.

Even CLIFFORD loves it!!


JodyC said...

YEAH!! I am so happy that your post was not "gone" only in the "draft" storage. LOVE your floor, are Corey & J.P. available for hire, great job.

I'm adding "Floral Stitches" to library wish list.

Happy Stitching

lissdarc said...

Who is that handsome guy in that picture? The girl who is marrying him must be pretty lucky... hahahaha... good one I know... Lucky? haha...

Nice "crafties" site Mother.