Sunday, March 15, 2009

Bubbled Tyvek & painted birds

SO I used the Dye-Na-Flow to paint the birds. I was anxious to see how the glue resist line looked. The picture is of it drying on the line outside (and YES that is SUN in WNY)! I will heat set it tomorrow and wash out the glue. After sandwiching with batting I plan to add hand stitching in some hand dyed cotton floss I made. Thinking of tiny hearts in each bird and a pink RIBBON in the beaks? This piece will be dedicated to my mom who had breast cancer. She battled for 6 years with a colon cancer diagnosis in that span also. One of them metastasized to her lungs. She died 11-02 an age 61.

I wanted to try this since I had a used TYVEK envelope. So for this one I painted on Dye-Na-Flow.....

and this one I painted in Lumiere, a metallic green...the color is not true in this picture. I tried to get by heating with a blow go. I broke out the paint stripper HEAT GUN and that did it. I found out you must heat from the back to get the bubbles to form raising up on the front of the piece. I will do this again with a larger un-seamed piece of Tyvek. I experimented on the back of an envelope which has a seam running down it....that is too thick to BUBBLE up.

This is just a piece of black fabric I sprayed with a CLOROX cleaner in a spray bottle. I would do this again on a larger piece of fabric, maybe from farther away to leave more sprayage spots. I really like how it leaves different shades of discharge.

TODAY I learned:
  1. My 11 year old nephew IAN plans to be a professional hockey player when he grows up....and he will be making 60 billion dollars!
  2. Melissa, 26 yr old daughter, who is getting married in October 2011, may change her color scheme to Chocolate & Pink instead of Sabres blue & gold. I would love that!
  3. I want to re-read LORD of the FLIES. I remember it being a pivotal reading experience in high school. A real SOCIAL commentary. I want to read it with a "mature" mentality but try to recognize how I thought of it all then.

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JodyC said...

Kathi, you had a very productive weekend, way to go!!! Love your birds. Have you ever tried using Jacquard waterbase Resist? I believe the technical name of the product is "Easy Batik".

Ok, the bubbled TYVEK envelop is cool...where did you find this technique? What will you do with it?

Happy Monday and just think only 5 days until the next creative weekend.