Tuesday, March 3, 2009

CQ stitching

This is part of a petal to my crazy quilted flower piece I posted about a little bit ago. BLOOM. I am desperate for Spring & Blooms this year. The older I get ( and soon to be OLDER still!) the more I see the wisdom of living in a warmer climate. I think more about it every year......

BLOOM was couched down using red floss and pink floss to couch. I love couching. You can couch anything that can be tacked down. I like using wider silk ribbon and letting the ribbon billow out between each couching stitch. Any cool yarn looks great too. I wrote CRAZY on a block in a swap a while back that I really liked. Apropos!

The organza ribbon just above bloom was folded randomly and stitched down on each fold using a seed bead. It gives some dimension to the block. The organza ribbon is just the cheap stuff Joanne Fabrics sells on a roll.

This is a BEAUTIFUL piece of hand marbled fabric I bought on ebay. I love the colors in it and will wait for inspiration to use it in just the right project. Any ideas?

A couple of months ago one of the girls in my Art Girlz art quilt group brought some special marbled fabrics that a friend had made and given to us with the stipulation we actually DO something with them. The friend is in a larger fiber arts group and she was interested in what we would come up with, how we would use them. I am sorry to report I have FAILED to come up with a finished piece! I even took the 2 fabrics to Office Max to have color copies made of them so I could audition IDEAS before cutting into the the material. I got as far as cutting them into 1" SQUARES. I was thinking of a mosaic tile idea using them and some painted used dryer sheets I prepared to coordinate with the marbled fabrics. I know there is a good idea in there somewhere....I'm just not there yet! BUT you will be the first to know when it BLOOMS!

Today I learned:

  1. Paul Harvey died Sunday. I have not been reading the newspaper for a few months and I missed this til today. I remember listening to him in high school, laying out in the yard in the summer. I also listened to him in my work truck at noon for years. He had GOOD news.


Quilts with Wine (aka Melanie) said...

I will miss Paul Harvey too. I listened to him for 5 years when I worked out of Clarence. He did have GOOD news.

Quilts with Wine (aka Melanie) said...

I really like your BLOOM writing. I have to try couching. Do you do it all by hand?