Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mossy Bit

Isn't this cool? I was at work and the morning sun was shining on this gorgeous patch of moss near my stockroom door. I went and got a paintbrush, flicked off the dirty bits and took this pic with my Blackberry. (handy to have a camera with me at all times!) It was one of those rare days that there was no snow covering this up!
I made Darcy a sleeve for her tablet.
It was another Friday Night PJ Party project on HGTV message board. I wasn't able to do it the night they held it (surprise party!) but one of the helpful ladies sent me the instructions. Darcy chose these 2 fabrics at Joann's last weekend. Monkeys are all the rage apparently. This is constructed from an 18" quilted and bound square. There are 2 pockets, one on either side and the center opening you end up with is where the tablet (a small computer board) goes with a velcro closure. The ladies made them for laptops, ipads and notebooks. Easy and fun project. Thanks WQFC!
I finished my improvisational pieced back for the Melissa and Cory quilt. It is so big, to me anyway. I think it is large enough to take to a machine quilter now.
My friend Thearica is a generous person, much like the charitable Jean I mentioned a few posts ago. Thearica runs a Ronald Mcdonald House quilt raffle. People make quilts and she sells tickets! (click on her name and read all about the challenge.) Anyone can commit to helping out! I am making my first quilt donation this year. Wool penny's are in the works already!
I am to mail the current CQ Steampunk block tomorrow. I must admit I had a hard time with this one. It is blue and black. It seemed to need to stay close to those colors. I did add a gold corset though! I will get pics and post.
I received the Meg's block from Colleen yesterday and the colors are more varied and in my tones so I think I will be inspired!

I have learned:

  1. I can retire in 5 years....exactly! 
  2. My sister makes delicious Irish bread. I want more!
  3. Ian face painting at the St Andrew's Pasta dinner last Saturday. He was such a gentleman, sitting with me while I ate my dinner. I even gave him two chances to go back to his friends. Sweet.
  4. Interesting contest someone on HGTV board posted. Doll quilts and Beds.
  5. Cool quilt-along to make this quilt, Supernova, on Freshly Pieced blog.

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