Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Some Bullseye, Some Curvy Piecing, Other bits...

I reworked those bullseye blocks from a few posts ago. I didn't like the fact that I had the same fabric showing around the edges of all the blocks. I ripped them apart and started cutting down to the layer I liked best in each quadrant. I sewed them together in a row, rather than a square. I will see where this goes when the idea hits me, but I do like this change!
I also was reading about curvy piecing. I saw a little tutorial on Bumblebeans blog (see my sidebar) and Jean Wells' book is an excellent source of inspiration and curvy piecing. So I cut some gently curving strips from some of the FQ's I won from Geroge Sicilano and this is the bit I made.
I will be sure to make them gentle curves since as soon as they get a little beyond that I ended up with a bit of a pucker. I do love the look of a wonky shaped line! I cut them up and pieced this...
It is interesting! I will be doing this again. Maybe longer, wider pieces. It was a fun, satisfying exercise and pleased me immensely on my Sunday morning~!
My Sunday afternoon was spent with Melissa and her soon-to-be BIL and BFF, Cameron at the Pearl Street Grills Big Fat Bridal Show in downtown Buffalo. We sampled a truly unique and oh-so-yummy Banana Pepper dip served warm and the Chicken Fricassee was mmmmmm. We need to change the chicken dish to this one.
While we were downtown I decided Melissa and Cam needed new FB profile pics. We had an impromptu photo session.
Then a mini tour of Forest Lawn Cemetery in Buffalo. My Aunt Molly and Uncle Tom would take my sister Noni and me there when we were very young to feed the ducks and catfish in one of the ponds. It is a beautiful, historic burial ground. I love it so much that when Melissa was mulling over places for a wedding ceremony I suggested the chapel in Forest Lawn. I am of the minority apparently that thinks a wedding in a cemetery would no be strange.   Well turns out this may have been really weird as the chapel is also the crematorium. That is just bad karma.
Plenty of awesome doors too, something I have an affinity for.
My quilt guild is hosting the June luncheon for the New York State Quilters Consortium. We have a lot of work to do and many wonderful people to pitch in and make it special. Charlotte will be doing the lunch itself...she volunteered to take this on as she has done it before. Big job checked off! We gathered last week at Elaine's lovely new home to hash out some details. Things fell quickly in to place thanks to an agreeable committee! As part of the consortium luncheons the hosting guild prides itself on providing each guest with a "favor". We will be making these cool, useful lanyards! I want one!
 I have learned:

  1. Winter is wreaking havoc on my psyche. We need a break from this cold. My sister is a school RN in a Buffalo high school. She has had 3 kids with frostbite since January began.
  2. Lonesome Dove was excellent.
  3. Last Night in Twisted River by John Irving. Usual John Irving quirkiness. I think I like it. I am interested, that is something. 
  4. Unstoppable. Good movie. Denzel Washington makes anything watch-worthy.

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