Sunday, March 20, 2011

Made More Lanyards.....

These are the lanyards we have decided to make, as a guild, as the favor for the New York State Quilt Consortium luncheon we are hosting in June. I am part of the planning committee and we have had a swift start! The hosting guild always provides a favor. We wanted it to be something useful and different. We came up with this idea from Fabric Jewelry by Teresa Searle. It;s a lanyard that can be used for keys, scissors or name tag. I made these 3 today for a total of 5 so far. We only need 100-125! Hopefully we get many members to help out and make these from their leftover bits and scraps. It is fun to make. Easy too!

I have an update to my previous birthday post. It seems my sister Noni together with Melissa and Michael covertly planned a little surprise party for me at Melissa's! I was totally bamboozled by this turn of events. Every fib along the way was believable to me. I am oblivious apparently.When I walked into Melissa's, after a grand dinner Michael had commandeered me to at Alex's, I was absolutely floored when I was welcomed by the people I cherish most. Michael & Melissa, Cory & Cameron. Noni, Ian & Darcy. Sandy, Lauren & Gary. Pam, Jim, Hanners & Noah. Karen & Bob. Kassie & Mark. Wonderful way to usher in my 50's. I had adamantly warned my kids to do nothing of the sort! This is the cake Alan made. My kids step-brother. This is the construction worker that decided in his winter layoff time he wanted to make cakes! ala the Cake Boss.
Isn't it awesome? It was Red Velvet and de-licious~

Bridesmaid dress shopping yesterday. How easy this was. Melissa and I had really liked this dress when we saw it 2 months ago. Lauren, Kassie, Larissa and Kelly tired on a few styles. Then they all tried this dress on. It was a universal sell. I love it! And they can really wear it again! It is silk and figure flattering. Perfect for the venue and Melissa's dress. To celebrate the day we dined at Olive Garden.

I had fun today spending some gift cards! Target, thanks to Aunt Kathy and Gerry, found me a new cool scarf and a shirt. Joann Fabrics gave me a few yards of fabric and a new magazine. Tim Horton's was a yummy sandwich and naughty cinnamon roll! I know me. I have to "spend" gift cards as fast as possible or else I lose them!

I have learned:
  1. Slacker Radio downloaded to my Blackberry. Cool. It is like Pandora. 
  2. Reading The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver. This is Pam's recommendation. I am sure I will like it. We have been reading together for 43 years!
  3. I have sneaky, deceitful children and sister. I love them for it! this time...


JodyC said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful special birthday. The cake looks awesome.

Very fun and productive weekend for you. Love the lanyards, great favor for your quilting event. The briedsmaids dresses are perfect.

Here's to your birthday weekend joy carrying over into your week.

VR106 said...

I came across your site while doing a search on lanyards. I have a site that sells lanyards,, but none of the commercial ones are as nice as yours. Kudos on making such a nice product.


Nicki Lee said...

So happy to hear you had a nice birthday!

Kathi - thank you so much for your call- really cheered me up - love you!

Poisonwood Bible - it took me a few chapters to really get into reading it but once I was into it I loved it!! Great story and one I will read again.

Counting the days for you me and Jody!