Saturday, March 5, 2011

Dedicated to Dean

I mentioned a little bit ago that my greyhound had been diagnosed with cancer in his bone and a fast growing tumor where his front leg met his chest. Walking had become troublesome quickly. Breathing was beginning to be labored. The hardest decision for a loving pet owner was made. Dean was put down yesterday. Michael, thankfully, was there with him. I was overwhelmed with the sadness of the moment and could not be with him. Intense. I thought I would have a handle on this...control. I did not. Still tearing today.
We rescued him from a race track in Iowa, where he was well cared for by his owner's, 7 years ago. He was a kind, peculiar, loving dog. he lived for love and food! I truly miss him.


tisme said...

Oh Kathi, you have my sympathy! animals give you love unconditionally. I think your parents are the only other ones that do. :)

Grieve, it will heal your heart.

Suztats said...

It's so hard to lose a beloved member of the family, and making that hard decision to end his suffering was a kindness to him. I always imagine our Sandy running through the tall grasses, leaping to catch his tennis ball, his tail wagging furiously, playing in Doggie Heaven while he waits for me to join him. My condolences to you and yours.

Char said...

Hey Kathy, sorry to hear about Dean. It sucks but you did the right thing. Take care & take it easy on yourself.

Nicki Lee said...

Ahhhhh Kathi - I didn't know - I'm so sad for you. My heart aches knowing how much this hurt and will hurt every time you think of him. I know how you are feeling. You gave him a good home, good love and in return you were loved - what more can we ask for.