Friday, March 18, 2011

50..... All Day Today!

I began the fifth decade of my life as of 1:36 AM. I can finally join AARP! I know this because they mailed me an enticing form letter 2 weeks ago! I will get right on that. Can I get Senior citizen discounts yet? That's the biggie~! I'll be waiting for that!

My friend Elaine thread painted this awesome quiltlet for me. On the reverse is my happy birthday wish! I just love it. It is prominently displayed on my fridge!
I will be sharing cake....chocolate cake with chocolate frosting...specially made by Melissa and Cameron...later tonight.
Michael is on his way home right now, we will dine!
I took the day off today. I get a Birthday Holiday floater. I am glad I did. Made it feel more special.
My friend Donna stopped by with a card and a coffee card inside...need that coffee! and a balloon. Her daughter's birthday is today also...this the one she says I remind her of.
I  am not bothered at all by my age. I have so much more to do!

I have learned:
  1. Each and every birthday well wisher is appreciated. It does matter to matter. Thank you.
  2. 50's today! Feels so good. Clean up will begin soon.
  3. Tomorrow is National Quilting Day. 
  4. Isn't that picture cool? While walking cross country lines, through woods and field, I took this pic with my Blackberry (pretty good!) of beautiful ice crystals on the ground.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! And the "fifth" decade is not too bad.
We DO have so much more to do... so, carpe diem!


Thearica said...

Age is just a number...however, I am feeling a slight touch of the oldies pains.. hehe

Elaine made you a fantastic gift! Love her so much!... and you!

Nicki Lee said...

To my bestest Roomie ever - HAPPY 50TH BIRTHDAY!!! You look fabulous and not a day over 29! I wish you the best year ever full of fun, love, laughter and tons of creativity! Counting the days til we meet again!

Mucho Hugs!