Saturday, March 12, 2011

RAFA Show in Rochester....Wonderful!

What workmanship in this beautful iron gate that leads to a courtyard with interesting shops and restaurants. After we met up with fellow art quilters Elaine and Sharon at their RAFA group show in Rochester at the Arts and Culural Council, we dined at a The Gatehouse Cafe. Delicious and great company!
The show included many pieces created by some of the memebers of Rochester Area Fiber Artists. Elaine's piece is machine quilted, thread painted and beaded. Dyed cheesecloth also added.
Simply stunning. Here is a close-up of the leaves. She is a master at the stitch control.
Sharon's piece included her flour paste resist fabric. Machine quilted. Compelling reflection on the Holocaust.
Close-up of the resist dyed fabric.
These two quilts along with the following quilts, were my favorites.
Val Schultz snow dyed fabric quilt was coveted by a couple of us!
Sharon gave each of a yard of her snow dyed fabric last year and I have hesitated to cut into it, but now I have idea's!
Caris Burton's quilt was subtle and alluring. Silks, machine and hand stitching.
Joyce Kliman's quilt was another favorite of mine.
I love this little thread painted piece. The detail and dimension is amazing. Anne M Fischer.
Really great day with good friends!

I love quilt shows. I love all the creativity in one room. I always leave with more idea's swirling around my already bursting head!

This morning I finished sewing Melissa and Cory's entire quilt top together! I am actually very excited about this! I ironed what fabrics I have left and am now piecing the back. I did a good job guess-timating just what I would need for this quilt!

I have learned:
  1. I love those Netflix commercials on the radio...the one's where they ask game contestants a question and their answers have nothing to do with the question and they are right! Always make me smile. 
  2. How to download my Blackberry pics to my laptop. Good to know.
  3. My new portable design wall is awesome! Penny Marble Quilt Designs makes them from felt and PVC pipe. Love this.
  4. I want a pretty umbrella.


JodyC said...

Congratulations on finishing the top of Melissa's quilt. I saw the photo on HGTV, beautiful!

Martha said...

Don't you think we need Joyce to come and show us that layering and cutting technique???