Wednesday, March 9, 2011


This is me, at guild, show and telling my pieced scarf project from a Friday Night PJ Party as they are referred to! Basically a round up is made of volunteers that will spend time on a scheduled Friday night showing us how to make something cool. They post pics and instructions and we all follow along if we are able to stay awake and have enough energy at the end of a work week that is.
I used Nancy Crow "fabrics" from my class last summer to make this one. I called it my dog walking scarf since I wore it while walking Dean during this frigid winter. It is very warm!
I have finally gotten back on even emotional ground. I do have my old coot cat Chester who is 16 this year and my baby fatty fur ball Fiona who is 3, to keep me company.
Holy windy! And rainy. Wet day at work today. Had the galoshes on. Attractive.
Last night was my monthly meeting of art quilters and as always a great time. They had covertly arranged a little birthday celebration in my honor! (18th is the big day) Each person gifted me with things I love best....bits of this and that...some vintage and some not...sort of like hitting the jackpot miscellaneous box of treasures at the auction! Elaine stitched up a beautiful card I will get a picture of and post soon. She also made a most delicious Pumpkin Cheesecake that she insists is easy. All I know is it was yummy! I was touched by their thoughtfulness.
Saturday we are going to Rochester to see an exhibit 2 of our members are a part of. I am excited for them and this show. Elaine had a book they had published for the group of the show and all the pieces. Very nice.

I have learned:

  1. My friend Melanie actually did get married at the Forest Lawn Cemetery Chapel! She's not married anymore....not that that had anything to do with it!
  2. It is so windy right now that I feel a breeze sitting in my living room. 
  3. American Idol. Don't know who I like yet. The rosy jacket guy has a cool voice and face. Will watch tonight and see who's what.
  4. The Kids are Alright. Not a great movie. Good enough. I thought Julianne Moore was the highlight of the movie.

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