Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Played with Paper!

Melissa and I took a class at our library last night with Jen, our favorite Sporto's waitress and scrapbooker extraordinaire! We made these adorable birdhouses with scrapbook papers! I loved learning how to use edgers (cool! love that picket fence one) and distressing inks. Mine is the blue one. Melissa's is obviously the green one! Look forward to more classes from Jen this summer!
Batavia schools art show was up at the library. Truly wonderful work by students of all ages. I really love this mixed media piece. The background is newspaper, painted with the charcoal still life.
Another excellent artwork.

These were some of my favorites. If you live in the area I encourage you to go see this exhibit. It is worth your time.

Well it is snowing. Again. Still. Enough.

American Idol tonight!

I have learned:
  1. I don't like Dancing with the Stars. Thought I would give it a shot since I love dance shows and it seems to be popular. Nope, no likey.
  2. Elizabeth Taylor was only 79? I thought she was 10 years older. Beautiful woman.
  3. Nicki unwell. Get well friend.
  4. Adele. Rolling in the Deep.(Skip the ad.) WOW. What a great voice. If I could sing, this is what I would like to sound like. Listen to Someone Like You too. (I can't download it right now to link it) 
  5. I just can't do it. I cannot listen to one more word of The Cell by Stephen King. Unless someone tells me the gory horror will end and make it worth my sickening stomach.

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tisme said...

Finish listening, it is worth it! It gets back to the good old days of Stephen King, good triumphs over evil.