Saturday, April 2, 2011

Little CC Case

Last night Lynne taught us how to make this credit card case on Friday Night PJ Party on HGTV message board. Of course I made it to the second side of zipper and well, I lost steam! So today I finished it up. My zipper is not wonderful, but it will work for me! I will actually use this too. I will slip the key ring onto my jeans belt loop with credit cards and cash zipped in. Thanks Lynne for a great project.
Tracy and I went to the Twin Cities Quilters Guild quilt show today. Very nice show! I am hoping to win one of the many awesome raffle baskets they are giving away! Any day spent with quilts and a good friend is a great day!
While there we saw a demo on locker hooking. I know I have this tool somewhere, having been enticed by a demo at another quilt show years ago! I actually did a few pulls and it is fun and easy. Makes me want to find it and design something cool and hook away!
I did find a great book. Had to have it now, not in Amazon time. Comfort Zone by Maggie Bonanomi. Wool projects including slippers and a jacket, as well as wall hangings, runners and quilts.
We lunched at the Panera Bread from Saturday afternoon, shopping mecca region, crazy Amherst hell. If their salads and sandwiches weren't a commodity to us Panera starved people, we would have ditched the effort. Serious table diving just to sit and eat. I was intercepted by a high boot fashionista on my first attempt, and was welcomed by a young man, while his less-than-thrilled girlfriend was less than that as we all honed in on another recently vacated table. Finally Tracy and I contracted for a booth as a party finished up their lunch fare. I was so keyed up from the table hunt by that time I was extra pleased by my Mediterranean veggie sandwich and Fuji Apple Chicken Salad.

I have learned:
  1. Melanie will be 41 tomorrow! Happy Birthday my friend!
  2. Tracy's sister pulled the best April Fool's joke off on her and their mom yesterday. She made a sponge cake. a SPONGE cake....yes, sponges were the fools surprise, complete with frosting, real frosting, in and on it! How funny is that. I love it.
  3. Hailey is my American Idol pick.

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