Sunday, April 10, 2011

CQ RR Block and other bits...

My work on the last round of the Steampunk CQ RR on CQI. Hard block for me to stitch Not my favorite. I appliqued a corset, adding tiny lock nut washers down the front. Metal bits are a key to the Steampunk genre and I love the spiky rounds! The bars on the black strap over the corset are actually the flat hook from hook and eye closures. The silver tinsel trim to the right was a ribbon Elaine gifted me for my birthday. I put rhinestone trim over that. The vintage silver button with black tulle gathered under it and the fabric paper bit to the left was a remnant from another project. I have the last block now. Need to get that finished and mailed before leaving for Charlotte at the end of the month.
This is the backing for Melissa and Cory's quilt. Improvisationally pieced with all the leftover blocks and fabrics! I used just about all the fabric I bought. It is ready for the quilter now.
Ruth Ohol made this gorgeous quilt. My friend Melanie and I attended Twin Cities Quilt guild meeting this past Wednesday where we got to see the gorgeous, unbelievably detailed and dense machine quilting Ruth specializes in. She has won numerous awards and has been published many times in Quilters Newsletter. Very talented woman. Great show. Thanks Penny!
Yard work was the theme of 1/2 of my weekend. I live on 6 acres. Of course I don't tend to all that but when your bending for hours picking up limbs, sticks, twigs and nut tree residual nuts and shells, it feels every bit of 6 acres! I have much more clean up to do yet. Back ache reserved already!
Today I spent time rearranging living room to accommodate my new-to-me loveseat. I live minutes away from Bontrager Auction Barn where every Wednesday evening they auction good stuff and junk. Of course it is all in the eyes of the junk lover. I have gotten many an interesting item there including oriental rugs, cool wire mannequin, couches, chairs, birdbaths and other treasures I couldn't live without! I left a bid for both the couch and the loveseat but apparently two men battled for the couch and surpassed my maximum bid. So I got the loveseat that no bidder wanted enough to spend more than $180. It is a Sofas & Chairs custom piece. My 14' x 15' living room is perfect for the love seat. Love it!
I have a very busy month. Tuesday, Sharon will show us how to do the flour paste crackle resist dying at our little art quilt group meeting. FUN!
Saturday is quilt guild day and I am demo-ing my embellishing machine and sewing at a workshop after that. Martha is guiding us as we piece fabric for a jacket. Prep and gather and gather some more!
And then there is the HGTV COF (circle of friends) quilt retreat in Charlotte NC to wrap up the month! I am teaching a class there, so I have to prep for that as well as pack and hope my reservations are all squared away with United Airways. I look forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones.

I have learned:
  1. My friend Maria got her puppy, Blue, last week. A very handsome Golden Retriever. She had to put down her beloved Wyatt a few months ago. Her dad had to put down his Black Lab a few months before that. Along with Dean's resent demise, we all have had our share of heartache. Blue is healing all that. What a pleasant disposition! 
  2. Ray LaMontagne. Listen. Good. Watching Live from the Artists Den now. 
  3. The Poisonwood Bible was a very good read.
  4. I actually have a window open right now! Winter over!? No more snow? Long johns put away? Please say it is so!
  5. I need a pedicure, bad. Soon. I like pretty toenails!
  6. My favorite color is mostly red. Sometimes black. A certain shade of robins egg blue too. I know it is not yellow, unless it's mustard yellow.

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