Monday, April 18, 2011

Flour Paste Resist Dying Result is in!

This is my rinsed flour paste resist dyed fabric piece! I am so pleased!
This is the Dynaflow dyed, crackled flour paste piece before. Sharon lead our art quilt group last Tuesday and taught us all how to do it. She had prepared dried sheets for each of us. The flour paste (approximately 1 cup flour to 1 1/2 cups cool water) takes days to dry after application. We each got to crackle and crunch it to create cracks in the flour layer that allow the dye or fabric paint to seep into them and leave an awesome design! I loved this! I have painted the two pieces of crackled flour fabrics and coated a prewashed yard of fabric with flour paste. I am patiently waiting for the paint to cure and the paste to dry!
Sharon over dyed the background fabric in this piece that was in a gallery show last month in Rochester. I like that it uses non toxic and readily available materials. I especially like the results!
Next month Marylee is going to show us the process from Sue Carlson's book Serendipity Quilts. We will use scrap bits and glue! This is a really cool book, starting with a simple design and gradually increasing the challenge using value and a more-is-more approach. Looking forward to it!
Quilt guild Saturday was a busy one! I had arranged for the annual Demo meeting this month and signed myself on to demo my Singer ER10 embellishing machine I relied on my enthusiasm to convey and demonstrate, in four 10 minute sessions, just what an intriguing machine it is! Martha demo-ed the Double Diamond ruler; Elaine showed everyone how easy it is to make the lanyards we need for our NYS Quilt Guild Consortium luncheon we are hosting in June and Melanie shared with us a pieced batting technique that makes machine quilting less troublesome. These meetings allow people to be exposed to something new and are always a success.
Martha taught our 1st of 2 jacket classes after meeting. We all cut out a muslin of our pattern that will become the base for the pieced fabrics we are making. These are a few of my "fabrics".
My "wonky" piece and 2 Seminole pieces. I really like Seminole. I have some instructions for other designs from an online class I took last year. I plan to make some of those for my jacket as well. They look so complicated but are so simple. We will end up sewing these in a grand scheme onto the muslin that will become our jackets we will wear to quilt shows for all to admire!! Great time sewing with great people. I love my guild!
We are having a UFO sewing day after the June meeting where I plan to be reminded how to cut the One Block Wonder pieces out and make more for my quilt. I don't have enough variety in the few I made already so hoping this spur me on to finishing mine. I love every OBW quilt I see.
In 13 1/2 days I will be in Charlotte NC with old quilting friends and new ones as well as we gather from all over United States in the 5th Annual HGTV Quilt Retreat. Four fun filled days with people that love the same things I do! Excited? Very!
Snowed today. Longjohns on again. Another reason NC weather (apart from the recent tornadoes down there) is appealing to me so much. Need to know better weather exists......somewhere.....
Melissa's wedding plans are all set. October 15th is around the corner. All I need is money now!
Michael graduates college on May 7th. Those 4 years went fast~!

I have learned:
  1. The Killing, on AMC is really good. Well written. Excellent acting. I wasn't drawn to watch this from its name. I read someones blog that commented on how good it was and gave it a shot. Thanks whoever! And it's On Demand.
  2. The King of Hearts is the only King without a mustache.
  3. Very interesting quilt using a formula. Sunrise Sunset quilt. 2 1/2" strips with inserts.
  4. I actually had the food channel on yesterday. Anyone that knows me knows I abhor cooking. Some woman was making this Swiss cheese stuffed endive, wrapped in ham, baked in oven. Looked delicious and I don't even know what endive tastes like! I bought 3 little endive today, have the ham and cheese. I am going to make these tomorrow. 
  5. The Streets of Laredo, the sequel to Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry is not great. I am going to read it to see how it all turns out for Captain Cowboy Call, but it seems like another person wrote it. I find there is a lot of repeating, so much so that a few times I had to actually check I was in the right spot since I know I read this already. Editing maybe? Me maybe?
  6. Gas=$3.91=less driving out of Batavia. Not acceptable.

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jackie said...

Gosh you are busy. I like your resist work, I keep meaning to try the flour resist sometime. Thanks for linking to my blog.