Thursday, May 5, 2011

Back to Reality.....

A picture of my class at my COF (Circle of Friends) Quilt Retreat in Charlotte North Carolina this past weekend! We had a fun, relaxing 2 hours. I was very fortunate to have a class full of some of my favorite people  and some of my new favs!
I had the most excellent time with all my online/real world friends! My roomies, Nicki and Jody are "old" friends now.
From the time my plane landed Thursday at 11 AM to the time my plane took off Monday morning at 9:30 AM, our time with 79 other women, from all over the USA and 1 from New Zealand,  was full of activity! We took a double decker bus to a great fabric shop, Mary Jo's, and I know we left alot of money in their cash registers~!
We had a trunk shows from Cathy Wiggins and Susan Brubaker Knapp.  I loved SBK. She was very accommodating and gracious.
There was a quilt raffle for MDA that Jean ran. I won an awesome quilt (which should be here by tomorrow since I decided at, literally, the last minute, to ship home....without considering exactly what was inside. Very precious cargo) It is a mini twister made by Carol from Texas! I love it! Thank you both for your hard work.
I took a class on making picture quilts of pets and another on reverse applique. Very good classes, very informative.
I can't say enough about Thearica and her crew. Blood, sweat and tears went into planning the extravaganza and I thank you all.
Yesterday I got back to my machine. I made a lanyard for a friend and a Nook case. (pic of case on phone, so will show later)
Got that package off yesterday...and made another lanyard for another friend....
This will be going out tomorrow. There is something about making these things I like. I made a dozen for my guild's luncheon in June already. I plan to make many more for special friends.
I also made a few more "fabrics" for my jacket class with Martha.
Taking this week off was the best gift I could have given myself! I am enjoying every single minute of my time away from work. Retirement. 5 yrs, 10 mos, 3 weeks.
Michael graduates Saturday from St John Fisher College. Proud mother.

So many projects in the works, so many idea's swirling around my head! Lucky me.

I have learned:
  1. Hailey still a contender on American Idol! My pick all along. Darcy is a James fan. We will see...
  2. Quilt batting has a right and a wrong side? Yes, true that.
  3. How to make a Japanese thimble...yubinuki...thanks to Charlyn. Very cool.
  4. Taco Bell Chihuahua's name is Gidget. Kind of weird.

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