Monday, February 1, 2010

SISTER CQ Block...My Homemade Holiday Swap Gift that I LOVE!

I am participating in a year long Homemade Holiday Swap. Our first holiday is Valentine's Day. I received the most thoughtful gift from Whippy from Wyanet IL.
She read my blog and saw the picture I posted in December of my sister & I when we were little. It is a favorite of mine. She printed that picture onto fabric and used it as the center of the most adorable CQ heart block! She also used red velvet's since I had mentioned we were wearing red velvet jumpers in that photo.
It is precious and I will treasure it always.
Thank you very much Whippy, for making this gift for me!

I made, what seemed simple enough for me, a little bag from a Quilts & More Magazine. This was the project that exasperated me a few weeks ago. The zippers were a challnge; I had to twist for a LONG time, 4 lengths of 4 pieces of floss to make the strap....I used the seam ripper alot! BUT I managed to correct some problem areas and mailed to OJM along with a very cute beaded heart pin. My friend Elaine, after hearing my tale of woe, offered to help me out. She did the beaded heart for me...I just added some silk ribbon around the edges and finished it with a backing.
Thanks Elaine!

The next holiday is Easter/Spring. I don't know who I will be creating for yet. I must not procrastinate this time around though!

I have learned:
  1. PINK's performance at last night's Grammys was a highlight. I love her distinctive voice and the fact that she wasn't angry made it interesting.. Circ de Soleil cool.
  2. 6 years 2 months til I can retire!!!


Thearica said...

The heart is beautiful!

and the bag you made is gorgeous! OJM should really love it!

Elaine said...

I love what you did with the beaded heart. I've made that bag before - it is a "pill" of a bag when doing it the first time - FOR SURE. Also love the CQ heart and picture of you and your sister.