Sunday, February 28, 2010

My Irish Landscape Quilt so far...

I signed up on Learningfa, the Yahoo group for fiber arts, for this class called Irish Landscape. Miriam was the instructor and she lives in Ireland. The class  came in emails, but no written directions? So I wanted to get to it and just winged it! The blue sky is a piece of Dyna Flow dyed fabric I made a while ago...perfect sky! I used velvet for the back mountains and taffeta for the foreground of the mountain. The gauze is a triangle bandage I coffee dyed! Smells good. The successive rows of landscape were batiks, sheers, home dec stripes, even a layer of handmade paper. I really should have taken a close-up so you could see the layering. Maybe tomorrow.
It still needs some thread work, but I love it and loved the process...alot! I was in the zone, tossing things this way and that!

I also spent many hours working on a project for the next round in the Homemade Holiday Swap I am in. Easter/Spring theme. I can't post a picture until the giftee opens it in a month.

The raffle quilt is at Penny's ready for machine quilting and then let the ticket sale's begin!

Still stitching, hundreds of them actually (stitches that is!) on Kathy's Mermaid block. I am laying down an ocean floor of copper organza. I will then add to that some beads & shells & who knows what else!? I just can't rush my creativity so it takes as long as it takes!

I have learned:

  1. USA lost to Canada in Olympic hockey today. It is their game.

  2. Fiona sucks on her tail. We wondered why the tip of her tail would be wet!? She is a wild thing...her full name is now Fiona Vixen Banshee!

  3. You can play Scrabble on Facebook with your friends. This is awesome!
  4. Really good quick read..A Year of Cats and Dogs by Margaret Hawkins.


JodyC said...

Very nice work on your Irish landscape piece. Fiona is darling and thank you for the book suggestion. I was going to ask you what you've read recently, need something to read this weekend on my flight to and from Pittsburgh.

Nicki Lee said...

Was wondering what you were up to in the creative department - WOW! I love the landscape! The colors are bold and so you! Ahhh Fiona is a cutie.