Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Art Quilts and other Arty Bits by My Friends!

When my little art quilt group met last Martha shared a piece of her experiments with the gelatin mono-printing technique from an resent issue of Quilting Arts magazine with each of us. I chose this densely colored piece. She did add some painting and coloring with markers I believe. It is pretty cool. Thanks Martha!
Elaine also made a Valentine ATC for us! She made her own stamp from a dollar store eraser...and used acrylic paint to stamp the hearts! Some thread work and machine embroidered lettering added to make it adorable! Thanks E~!
I have been stitching on the most recent Mermaid block I received last week. We have hit a bump in this RR and it has interfered with the amount of time I have to do good work. I spent a couple hours in the last 2 nights laying something down, lots of sewing, only to rip it out the next day. I think last night I may have found the way to do what I envision. I used a single layer of copper organza, stitched down on the ocean floor, gathering and rippling it. Once I put some shells and other thread work onto it I think it will look less "heavy" and more like aquatic. Pics when it is more formed~

SNOW....UGH and more snow on the way!

Last month at guild a few of us stayed after to do Iron Quilter. We swapped bags and spent 2 hours starting an art quilt. A few woman showed what they finished at Saturday's meeting. WOW. Dodie's mixed media piece is awesome! I really love it. She has some beading and added words in paint I believe. Cool!Ann had fun and her piece is SO fun! Love this lively art quilt!Christine really struggled in the 2 hour time frame. She is very meticulous and this was more spontaneous. When she brought this in we were all amazed at what she had done to finish what she had started! It is really arty and I love it!Sharon had finished most of hers in our 2 hours. Love the cats she added to it. Beautiful work!Chris received the bag I brought! She used the butterfly sheer in unique a pattern on the green silk in upper left, to thread paint it and beaded one in lower left. She used the fringe that was on the gift bag I used to pack my stuff! AND love how she finished the edges. Awesome!
What we learn while doing these exercises is priceless. Some of us learn to be more intuitive, we work outside our usual color palette. Most of the women are traditional quilter's and this is new to them...and they like it! We will definitely be doing this again!

I have learned:

  1. Johnny Cash's birthday would have been this Friday.
  2. World Cafe on NPR...not top 40. good stuff.
  3. SNOW, and more snow on the way apparently....I know, I already said oppresive.

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