Thursday, February 11, 2010

Flower Slices....3 done, 2 to go

I met with my little art quilt group this week. A few months ago Martha enlarged a picture of a convolvulus flower which is a morning glory. She cut it into 5ths and we each got a slice to interpret any way we chose. 3 of us finished ours and I think they will look really great when all 5 are put together! Sharon's on the left uses satin ribbon for the lighter blue...she also painted highlights on that part and the yellow is actually paint over the white fabric. Elaine's in the center is machine appliqued and beading all over to add sparkle...she also put a tiny bug charm in the middle. My piece is on the right. I used snippets of polyesters, "painted" my flower using the pattern underneath foundation. I layed tulle over the top and thread painted over the entire piece to keep snips in check.
It is our first group slice project! I would love to do one that has buildings of some sort in it.

Last summer all 5 of us took a class from Jane Sassaman. Martha is the only one of us that has now finished the piece we were to have designed in the class. Check out her blog to see a picture of it. It is beautiful.

Inspired by Jody's Book, we are going to make our own fabric paper next month when we meet. FUN!

I have learned:

  1. I live 886' above sea level
  2. Sumptuous Surfaces intrigues me.
  3. Melody Gardot, My One and Only Thrill.....more Sunday music.
  4. I love this quilt.


Anonymous said...

I can see that the morning glory is going to live up to it's name when it is completed, glorious. Thanks for sharing, inspirational

Debbie said...

This reminds me of the round robin project I did at guild last year. We cut a poster into 4 pieces and each person created 1/4 of it in fabrics, etc. This morning glory is beautiful. A great project.

alexemmarose said...

Wow!! Kathi!! Love the idea of this morning glory project! Great to see everyone's interpretations. Colleen