Monday, February 8, 2010

Jody's Beautiful Fabric Paper Book for our RR....1st Round

Jody's book came last week, the first round of the Mixed Media Book RR. It is beautiful! The covers base is fabric paper...she used muslin and added torn hand made paper and silk cocoon fibers with a 50/50 glue to water mixture. It is really cool.
The fibers on the right are attached to tags that Jody has recorded people who have inspired her to be creative. How clever. She has premade tags in the back cover that she plans to record how the other 4 woman in our RR have inspired her. Each tag rest in its own folder tucked between layers.

She has invited us to try a new technique for our page.
I love Beryl Taylor. She has a great book called Mixed Media Explorations and has been published in Quilting Arts many times. I spent some time last night stitching texture into pink silk dupioni. Now to the next bit....I want to try to do my interpretation, on smaller scale, of her hearts on squares with beads project. Waiting for some fray check to dry!
This RR promises to be motivating. Each woman has their own style so we get to put our own mark in each others book. Colleen, Jody, Nicki, Denise & me! Great drama...couldn't be better!

Trying to move along on the Iron Quilter project from our after meeting sew time last month. I have been hand stitching on it...some static-y long & short seed stitching and lots of french knots. The exercise was to take a bag brought in my another participant and make a small quilt from the contents.....2 hour time frame! I only managed to get the design done. The fabrics in my bag were really different, so it felt made for me! The french knots are stitched in variegated thread following a very free form organic flow. Liking it, but it is wreaking havoc on my fingers!!

Tomorrow my little art quilt group meets. Always love that meeting. I don't have a pic of my part of the flower slice yet, but maybe I will get one of all or a few of them together tomorrow. Martha enlarged a photo she took of a pretty blue flower, cut it into 5th's and each of us are to make our bit any way we want. I did the snippets thing..."painting" my petal, covered with tulle and thread painted to finish. I love how it turned out and was fun to do.
We are still using the Art Quilt Workbook as a homework guide and chapter 6 is using paint in some way. I used antique gold acrylic paint & 2 stamps. I have it fused to a piece of the black discharged fabric I made a bit ago...the orange snow fence one that made a great pattern. It is hanging on my design board, aka as my refrigerator. It is not finished, so not pic yet!

I have learned:

  1. I have a "frozen shoulder". Meds have relieved the burn. Hoping PT gets things working again. I need to be able to raise my arm higher than 90 degrees again!
  2. We talked my sister into adopting Dillon, a 10 month old orange tabby! He is so sweet! Now we both have 3 cats! We are both the last people you would have pegged for cat lovers.....but we are!
  3. I will have a studio in a few months! Melissa is moving out...I am claiming the entire upstairs (1 1/2 story house). I will need to take a dummy wall out, fix the drywall, paint creamy white and look into having a light fixture installed along the pitch in the ceiling and move all my goods up there! It will be so nice to have a designated space.
  4. Natural gas explosions always catch my interest. I work for our regional gas company.
  5. The (!) light in my Trailblazer was telling me the tire pressure was too low, not that there is an issue with the brakes as indicated in the manual. Good to know.
  6. My friend Charlyn in Mississippi (THAT is as fun to type as it is to spell out loud!) sent me a this excellent surprise, Bruce's Roling Stone cover on a tote bag....I love it! It is already in use. I will carry it proudly! Thanks Charlyn!

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Martha said...

The beautiful blue flower is called "Convulvulus". See one here (if this works)