Saturday, February 13, 2010

CQ Mermaid...Heavenly Mane

I got a Mermaid today! Kathy's block is here and the work on it is beautiful. Jody did spectacular work on this maidens mane! Wow, really something special. I love it. Carolyn is a painter and she worked her magic on the flesh...notice the highlights, the eyes, the shading on the skin, even the mermaid's tears are realistic. Art.
Now what to do? I am focused immediately on the other mermaid in the upper left quadrant and the fish in the lower left. I need to mull it over and then it will dawn on me (much like the proverbial lightbulb moment) and I will get to it.

Visited a nice quilt shop this morning, Pine Grove Quilt Shop, with Tracy & Melanie. 3700 bolts of fabric. I found 7 fabrics to my liking. I will add them to my growing Nancy Crow class fabric requirement bin. Lunch at Panera's. Yummy.

I did sew for a few minutes. I machine quilted the rest of this little art chapter 6 homework from Art Quilt Workbook.
I had to use a painting technique. I am not a painter so I used a stamp and gold acrylic paint. I decided to try that linear quilting that I really like. Black on the discharged background and antique gold on the lighter fabric. Love what that quilting does to the surface.

Tomorrow I must do much hand stitching. The CQ Mermaid, the french knots on the blue moon piece, the base on the pink silk for the Book RR page all wait for my nimble (slightly arthritic) fingers.

I have learned:
  1. $45,637.85 raised by St John Fisher students at the Teddi Dance for Love benefiting Camp Good Days & Special Times. Karyssa and Michael were on the planning committee. 24 hour dance. Nice.
  2. Catnip + Chester + Fiona = amusement. WWF kitty style!
  3. This blogger has a great idea for a simple light box. Why didn't I think of that?

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