Saturday, March 6, 2010

CQ Ocean progress

I have been stitching and stitching the ocean floor in copper organza on Kathy's Mermaid block. I am adding pretty blue chiffon ribbon to it. I will add some fish, shells, beads, a starfish and some anemones like the ones in Fiberart Montage by Judith Baker Montano. Excellent book. She makes the little critters using a 4 hole button and stacking beads to form a tentacle thing, a few from each hole. I think a few anemones will live down there. I did the seaweedy masses on each side of the tropical fish scene using different fibers and stitches. The copper organza is supposed to mimic rippling sand.A trip to Ollie's, an overstock outlet store, yielded a treasure of books as you can see. Melissa came home the other night with Masters Art Quilt book she had picked up for me for $7!
This little precious doe was peeking at me from my side door about an hour ago. A glance to the left and I saw her whole clan digging in the snow for apple remnants. There were 8 of them! This is about 100' from my house. I don't see them often, but their tracks and, well, poop, are strategically spread all about the land. They truly remind me of Dean, my greyhound...not in color obviously, but their heads and eyes are so similar. Here is Dean! He just finished eating, laying down! Greyhounds are lazy!
I have learned:
  1. Henry's Sisters by Cathy Lamb is a really really good read. The quirky characters are interesting, slinging comments that must be reread and appreciated. I know the book is good if I go to bed earlier just to read longer and I take it to work and actually read at lunch!
  2. Smart Ones Lasagna Florentine is de-dang-licious! It is yummy and filling. The Ravioli one with spinach is good too.
  3. American Idol. I  like Lily Scott's style and vocals. Siobahn Magnus is adorably quirky and has a powerful, soulful voice...she's cool too. Crystal Bowersox is the one other female I like. The only male voice I like right now is Alex Lambert's. I would buy any CD each of them would make.
  4. I miss Gilmore Girls & Seinfeld & Friends & Beauty and the Beast & Thirty Something & Moonlighting & Freaks and Geeks & NYPD Blue & Spin City & Happy name of few.

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