Sunday, March 14, 2010

Landscape art Quilt Quilted

I quilted the Landscape quilt satisfying! Free motion on the mountains, lines in the sky and if you look closely, a zig zag that undulates in the grass. I used the buttons on my machine while stitching the wavy zig zag lines to vary width of the zigs and zags. Cool. All I need to do now is border it with a black wide mitered edge. 
I spent some time working on 2 more Seminole strips....BUT I messed both of them up! I actually like them however, especially this one~~ I made the center strip for this strip too wide (hard to read the directions on my computer!) but when I laid them out I was pleased by this design so I sewed them all together. It's not a Seminole strip but it is something and I like it! Alot.
I even worked on Jody's page for our Book RR.
I stitched the background and white squares with lots of seed stitches a while ago. Today I fused the velvet hearts and the Kool Aid dyed snap strip to the page. I free motioned the edges of the hearts. My plan is to sew some beads to the hearts, hang little tags threaded through the holes in the snap tape and use some of my fabric paper on the reverse side. I am really enjoying my work on this page. I am thinking of adding a larger tag like she has inserted in her book commemorating the people that have influenced her creative endeavors. My inspiration would be my Aunt Molly. She was a wonderful woman. I remember her making, with my sister and I, Indian feathers from paper and attaching to a band that circled our heads! I was about 8. I have been making something or other ever since.
I must include that memory in this book.

So you know this wasn't the plan when I pulled over?! Looked solid. Not. As soon as I felt the truck sink I knew I was in good, up to the running boards! This little woods is one of my "Ladies room's"! Low traffic area. I used the facility before calling my boss for help! A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!

I have learned:

  1. How to adjust the size on a document in a file on computer. I couldn't read the measurements on the instructions for the Seminole strips. Melissa saw me struggling and in usual offspring-to-parent-imbecile style...showed me tho change the percentage to more than 50%....and wow, I could read it!
  2. I don't like the day of the year we lose an hour. I like every hour.
  3. Snow dying is really cool. What a beautiful outcome. Check out the pics in my last post. Sharon gave each of us a piece of one. I am admiring it right now. Something to look forward to next winter.
  4. Listening to Ghostwalk by Rebecca Stott on CD. Very interesting. Isaac Newton was a  peculiar man.
  5. My body thinks it is 8:11 PM.


tisme said...

I love the quilting on your landscape piece!! I think you did a wonderful job on it.
I am working on my Art Challenge Piece, so far, so good. :)

Martha said...

I got stuck like that at the end of my own driveway last winter!!!

Raby said...

I love watching the Landscape art very much. It will be very realistic and liked to be watched.