Sunday, March 21, 2010

Book RR Page

As you can tell from this picture it was sunny today! This is my pink velvet (from a J.Jill shirt from Sally Ann's, my fabric store of choice!) heart with a splash of beading. If you look closely you can see all my tiny seed stitches on the white square. I love the texture they add so it is worth the time to do it.  Here is this page IN Jody's Book...
I painted the tags at the bottom, stamped them and attached  to the fabric with a beaded string. I like how they hang out the bottom of the book when it is closed. This is the other side of my page..
I sewed a piece of my fabric paper (the white crinkly stuff is scrunched white tissue paper) onto another piece of fabric paper to make a pocket for a tag that I want to record my inspiration in creativity, my Aunt Molly. She was actually my Dad's aunt and he and Uncle Tom were from Leitrem, Ireland also. She was a wonderful woman that watched my sister & I alot when we were young. Teaching us to bake and make things was the highlight of an overnight visit. No one has influenced me more in my life.  
I am following Jody's lead....she has recorded on tags in her book, the people that have influenced her creativity.
Yesterday was quilt guild day! It was community service program and as you can see there were many generous women working on quilts that Melanie & her mom, Mary Ann, orchestrate the charitable distribution to mostly children. We donate 60-70 quilts a year!
I love that my guild meets in this awesome auditorium at our VA in town.
Besides alot of quilts and quilted items, some of my friends bring other cool things. Mary Lee had these knitted felted slippers! The right one is finished with velvet ribbon, needle felted flowers and hand embroidery. Really nice.
Martha sported these hand knitted eye-cord shoelaces! Leftover sock yarn...what a great idea!
Sharon took classes from Velda Newman last weekend in Rochester.  She learned to paint these fruits and flowers. Very impressive!

I have learned:
  1. citizen cope...the band that sings this song. I heard it at my son's football one knew who it was...I even emailed a radio station to inquire. Like the bluesy/reggae sound. 
  2. April 1st, the day my soon-to-be studio will be emptied. Melissa will be moving with Cory to a little house they will rent in town. Then the whole upstairs (1 1/2 story house, so it isn't that big!) will be my creation station!!
  3.  I love doing the thread painting with a zig-zag free motion. Shirley, from my Yahoo group, taught us what it can do. Lots of texture. 
  4. I am watching the Project Runway hardware store episode. I want to do that challenge! Not garments though. I want to make an art quilt entirely from a hardware store.....hhhhmmmm. Just what I need...another idea running around my head! BUT it is so intriguing.


Anonymous said...

Wow aunt Kassie that is so good it is buetiful you no the color and everything I love it your next thing you make for fun I want so I can bring it in
to school and show what a tallented Aunt I have

Anonymous said...

AssieKassie aunt kassie I got it. I got the Justin bieber. Cd it is so good my fav song is that should have been me I love it +. I love Justin bieber so much