Sunday, March 7, 2010

Fabric Paper or Paper Fabric?

Whichever it is I like it! My friend Jody made some of this that she used in her Book for our RR. It has intrigued me so I got out some muslin, gathered dollar store tissue papers, ribbon yarn, thread nest and a ravelled bit of silk. Cheap white glue, another dollar store item, mixed 1:1 with water in an old cottage cheese container. Paint brush. Plastic garbage bag as your waterproof barrier since this gets pretty saturated.
You are basically decoupaging the papers and fibers onto the fabric. Fun! I made this one collage-y. Another piece is still drying in front of the heater vent....I used large solid pieces in layers on that one. I will post when it dries.
They tend to roll up at edges as it dries, but I ironed it and worked out fine. One of these will be used in Jody's book on the backside of my page.
I also did the first strip in the Seminole Piecing class on learningfa. Seminole piecing can be very interesting and graphic. Priscilla Kibbe uses strips of them extensively in her jackets.
I also worked on the gift I can't show yet! I have a little more to do yet, mail it by Friday and can post pic by April 1st. I think my giftee will like it. I do!
I have learned:
  1. Cleaning does not make me happy. Creating does. Today I was like a manic depressive....swinging from miserable to content as I flip flopped from scrubbing sinks, vacuuming, laundry and dishes to stitching! Melissa pointed this out.
  2. New old couch. $24. Auctions are cool.

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