Saturday, January 30, 2010

Raffle Quilt Top!

The raffle quilt top is done! Melanie & I spent all day at Tracy's sewing the final border blocks and getting them on the quilt. We love it! My friend Penny is custom machine quilting it so when it comes back I will get a better picture. We have grown rather attached to it!

Tomorrow I plan to finish up my Book RR and package it up for mailing to Nicki Monday. I should be getting one to work on by midweek.

I need to start stitching a the silk CQ bag front I pieced. It will hopefully be ready for a competition by April. I am trying to decide if I should free form stitch on it or follow the seams which in this case are straight lines since I made all the pieces squares and rectangles. I sketched out both and am leaning towards free.

That IAQ piece is still waiting for me too! I did find a neat image that I may use on it, add some thread painting and beading. Crystals too maybe.

I have learned:

  1. South of Broad was not a favorite read. I was hopeful. I did finish it though.
  2. Project Runway could use some interesting characters...with that said, it is still my favorite show.
  3. SPORCLE is a cool site Michael showed me this last night...we did Bruce Springsteen songs and albums and 2-letter Scrabble words. Look around, you will find something of interest to divert your mind!
  4. It was below 0 degrees this morning. Dean's paws are bleeding.
  5. George Siciliano. We are thinking of getting him to come to our guild. Awesome mini quilts by a man sounds very entertaining.
  6. Beadlust is a good site to peruse for inspiration to use more beads. Scroll down to see many examples.
  7. BREAKAWAY by Art Garfunkel came across my radar (actually our local AM radio station that plays many old favorites) recently. I received the original album in 1975 as a Christmas gift and played it over and over and loud (when my parents weren't home). I have had, and lost or ruined 2 CD's over the years. I must seek one out again. Very nostalgic audio therapy!
  8. Kindness matters. Thanks Elaine.

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Nicki Lee said...

Kathi - that is one gorgeous quilt!!!! Let me know how much tickets are and I'll send you some money!